Our team is a non-profit organization and our success relies heavily on parent participation. The team is run by a volunteer board with practices designed and facilitated by paid coaching staff.


    Unlike other youth sports, where generally a handful of people can run the team, a swim program simply cannot be run without parental help and participation, and lots of it! It takes a team to support a team as big as ours and parent participation is essential to run a high quality team.


    In order to equitably distribute the work load, HDST has a new mandatory* participation policy of 8 house per season (typically Sept. - May) for each family. Families who do not fulfill this requirement will be invoiced $10 per unfulfilled hour through their HDST account at the end of the season. (*See a board member if either the hours or money truly is a hardship as we do not want to exclude any child.)


    There are lots of visible and behind-the-scene volunteer tasks and contributions that make it possible to have a successful season. HDST families can volunteer for team events throughout the year (Time Trials, Swim Meets, etc) and/or sign up for a year long volunteer position. Jobs will vary in the amount of hours they accrue. Some will be hourly while seasonal positions will fulfill all your hours automatically. These year long positions are on-going and the board of HDST will provide guidance and suggestions.


Being a part of the Board automatically fulfills this requirement.


The Volunteer information will be posted on the bulletin board, TeamUnify website, and HDST Facebook Page.

If you would like to be more involved, email us! Or follow an appropriate link below for information on becoming an official:

Steps to Becoming an Official

USA Swimming: Officials

Utah Swimming Officials: Clinics