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What to Bring

Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club

What to Pack for Meets checklist

Absolutely necessary:

_____         Swimsuits (2) – one that you plan to wear, and a spare*

_____         Goggles (2) – one that you plan to wear, and a spare*

_____         Swim caps (2) – one that you plan to wear, and a spare*

_____         Towels – How many?

  • for warm weather meets, 1 towel per event is plenty
  • for cool weather meets, when things don’t dry as quickly, you’ll want 2 towels per event (1 for each warm up and 1 for each race)

_____         Shirt and sweatpants to wear between races

_____         Healthy drinks and snacks, including plenty of water.

_____         Dry change of clothes for after the meet

_____         Cold weather gear for winter meets – warm jacket/parka, waterproof boots or shoes, gloves, hat, umbrella, etc.  Basically, anything that will keep you warm and dry.

_____         Sunscreen – All meets in Pacific Swimming are out doors (year round, rain or shine!) so unless the forecast is for constant rain, it’s possible that you’ll need sunscreen even in February or March.

_____         Your Meet Summary – the list of events you’re signed up for, from the email confirmation that you received from

_____         A pen, to write down heat and lane assignments for individual events

_____         Inhalers or other medications – if your child is prone to asthmatic attacks, make sure to bring an inhaler and remind the coach that your swimmer has it with them.


*These items can rip or malfunction, so we STRONGLY advise bringing a spare of each.



Recommended, but not required:


_____         Blanket or folding chair(s).  Not all pools have bleachers and when they do, there’s not always room on them.  Bring something to sit on that you can set up near or under the team tent.

_____         Deck sandals – if the weather allows, flip flops or other slippers are more comfortable to wear with wet feet around the pool deck than regular shoes

_____         Entertainment:  books (reading or homework), iPod or other music player with earphones, portable video games, playing cards, etc.  Typically, there will be at least an hour between a swimmer’s events, so there’s lots of time for hanging out with family and teammates!

_____         Sleeping bag – If it is particularly cool, it’s nice to have a sleeping bag to rest in, between races.

_____         Sunglasses

_____         Cash for snack bar, if you wish.  Most meets have a snack bar where food can be purchased.  Always check the Meet Sheet though, to make sure.  The variety of food at meets can vary dramatically.  It can include everything from bagels and muffins to baked potatoes, cup o’ noodles, and burgers. There is no standard menu. Bottled water, Gatorade and sodas are also typically available.  If you have any specific food preferences or needs, you’ll want to pack your own.  Bringing your own is almost always healthier, though swimmers also almost always want to get SOMETHING at the snack bar too.