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Age Group Endurance

Age Group Endurance:

Ages: 9-13

Age Group Endurance is designed for age group swimmers who are experienced in swimming and who have developed a foundation as well as a well rounded understanding of stroke mechanics. Swimmers in this group are comfortable in swimming on their sides and have a basic understanding of how to reduce the drag their body creates in the water. Athletes in this group have displayed a consistent commitment to the sport. Swimmers in this group range from 9-13.

One of the primary goals is emphasizing stroke development, and it is done through interval sendoff training. In this group swimmers start to learn how to properly race through training that involves knowing their times for various events and how to take their heart rates. Distance per stroke is emphasized in this group, and swimmers are taught the importance of always counting their strokes and the relationship between stroke count and overall time. Swimmers in this group will primarily compete at Age Group champs at the end of the short course season.

Swimmers in this group will demonstrate increased commitment by attending at least three practices a week consistently or maintaining 60% season cumulative attendance. Swimmers who are do not maintain the attendance requirements of the group will be moved back to Age Group Prep.


Three practices consistently attended weekly, or 60% cumulative season attendance
Completion of IMReady events
Ability to read and use a pace clock for interval training
Ability to make sendoffs
Competes in a 200 free at least once


Further refine stroke mechanics
Understanding and ability to reduce body drag to increase the distance per stroke
Understand how to hold a pace, and acquire average splits of races
Complete IMXtreme program
Compete in first 500
Qualify for and compete at Age Group Champs
Score points at Age Group Champs
Qualify for and compete at the Alaska Junior Olympic meet

Parameters for advancement:

Completion of IMXtreme program
Practice attendance of at least four practices a week, or 80% cumulative season attendance
4 11-12 Year Old NAG 16 'BB' Time Standards
Compete in at least one 500
Maturity and leadership to require more challenging workload
Advancement is based on coach’s discretion

Daily Training Equipment:

Water bottle, Kick board, Pull buoy, Fins