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Age Group Performance

Age Group Performance:

Ages: 10-13

Age Group Performance is designed for age group swimmers who have demonstrated the highest commitment to swimming and have proven to require a more challenging training regimen.
Swimmers in this group are primarily 11-13 with a few 10 year olds. Swimmers in this group typically will attend The Alaska Junior Olympic Championships and will have goals of qualifying for Zones. Swimmers in this group are expected and required to attend at least four practices a week or maintain 80% seasonal cumulative attendance. Training in this group is of a higher intensity, and the focus is on implementing and learning racing strategies of multiple events. Swimmers in this group will know all their times in all of their events, as practices are typically based on these times. Stroke development and efficiency is still a priority for swimmers in this group.

Athletes in this group will have a further emphasis on distance per stroke and will begin to start tempo training in an effort to find the best balance of each. Swimmers who are in Age Group Performance will work towards learning the best balance in distance per stroke and stroke rate. Swimmers in this group will consistently attend practice four days a week or more and maintain 80% cumulative attendance, those who do not will be moved to Age Group Endurance.


Completion of IMXtreme events
Minimal consistency of four practices a week or 80% cumulative attendance
4 11-12 Year old NAG 16 'BB' Time Standards
Maturity and attitude require a more challenging practice regimen
Previously competed in at least one 500


Completion of IMXtreme program
Understanding and ability to compete in a 200 of all strokes
Ability to compete in distance events
Qualification to Zones, and Senior Championships
Finding best balance of distance per stroke and tempo
Parameters for advancement:
Swimmer ages up to 13
Swimmer is mature enough to begin more focused training
Proficiency in all competitive strokes
Advancement is based on coach’s discretion

Daily Training Equipment:

Water bottle, Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Z2 Zoomers, Diamond
Shaped Paddles, Training Snorkel