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Senior Group

Senior Group:

Age: 13 and older

Senior swimmers are the product of years of experience and development on the team. As the oldest swimmers and most experienced athletes on the team, the Senior Group swimmers will be held to a high standard of commitment and discipline.

Senior swimmers are expected to lead through example, as they represent the product of the Killer Whales tiered training program and will be the role models of the younger athletes on the team. Swimmer’s age will be a minimum of 13, or grade level 8th grade.

Swimmers in this group are comprised primarily of high school swimmers and eighth graders with a few college athletes. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend all practices held. On the occasion that doubles are held swimmers are expected to attend all practices offered. Swimmers in this group are of the highest ability on the team and are the direct result of years of committed training in the Killer Whales program.

Training is performance based in this group and emphasizes speed and tempo. Proper stroke instruction is still an emphasis in this group but becomes more specific from athlete to athlete. Training and sets will centralize around creating a well balanced stroke in efficiency and tempo specialized for each distance raced. Athletes in this group are trained to perform and represent the Killer Whales in higher level USA Swimming competition, beginning with the Alaska and Oregon Senior Champs, and USA Swimming Speedo Sectional Championships. Maximizing the number of athletes to continue to compete in college is a major goal of this group, and all athletes are prepared for the rigors of college training.


Completion of IMX events
Continued refinement of strokes
Qualification to Alaska Senior Champs
Qualification to State Championship
Qualification to Speedo Sectional Championships
Qualification to Junior Nationals
Swimming competitively in college

Daily Training Equipment:

Water bottle, Kick board, Pull buoy, Z2 zoomers, Diamond Shaped Paddles,
Training Snorkel