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Swimmers Roles

Swimmers’ Practice Responsibilities:

  1. To treat his or her coach with respect at all times and to use proper channels to address any problems or complaints.

  2. To adhere to the coach’s rules governing training sessions and to focus on the training program.

  3. To take his or her commitment to swimming seriously at whatever his or her training level may be.

  4. To support the Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club, fellow swimmers, and his or her coach by encouragement and attendance at practice and meets.

  5. To make the minimum number of training sessions set by the coach and strive for the recommended attendance percentage.

  6. To train and race as hard as he or she can.

Practice Policies

The following guidelines are to inform parents and swimmers of the coaches’ policies regarding practice. These policies are designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all.

  1. Each training group has specific attendance requirements appropriate for the objectives of that group. As a general rule, the least possible interruption in the training schedule will produce the greatest amount of success. The expectation level of the coaches’ that each swimmer attends practices increases as swimmers move to higher groups.

  2. For the safety and protection of the swimmers, they should arrive at the pool no more than 10 minutes before the start of practice and be picked up immediately after practice. It is imperative that the swimmers arrive on time so that the coaching staff can efficiently use the allotted time; however it is also extremely important that children not be left unsupervised at the pool prior to or after practice. The coaching staff is NOT responsible for supervising athletes either prior to or following a practice session. If a family is found to be abusing this policy they will be warned. If the behavior continues, the swimmer may be suspended from team membership.

  3. Each swimmer should plan to stay the entire practice, as each practice is designed to be most beneficial when completed in its entirety and coaches often make announcements at the end of practice. In the event that your child needs to be dismissed early from practice, please notify the coach prior to the beginning of practice in writing.

  4. All practice groups are expected to be at their designated starting place with their practice equipment ready to start practice on time.

  5. Swimmers must notify their coach if they leave the pool and/or pool deck at any time during the practice.

  6. Occasionally some or most of a practice group may be at a meet, in which case your swimmer will be notified of a practice change.


  1. Swimmers are expected to support their teammates at practice as well as in competition. Working together as a team benefits all individuals in the group and is an important part of the Killer Whales. Swimmers are encouraged always to be positive at practice.

  2. Swimmers are expected to follow the instructions of the coaching staff at all times.

  3. Abusive language, lying, stealing, and/or vandalism will not be tolerated. These behaviors are directly contrary to the objective of the Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club, and may warrant strict disciplinary actions - up to and including expulsion from the team.

  4. Swimmers may leave practice early only with the coaches' permission.

  5. The Gateway Borough Recreation Center is off limits to all individuals unless they have a paid membership with the Recreation Center.

  6. During workouts, the pool deck is for coaches and swimmers only. If you need to speak with the coaches, please call or email them at least two hours before practice. Swimmers and parents are discouraged from disrupting the coach or other swimmers with unnecessary communication, unless of course, it is an emergency.

  7. Parents are responsible for a swimmer's behavior before and after workouts. This includes carpool members as well.

  8. Any individual not registered with USA Swimming, Inc. through the Ketchikan Killer Whales is not permitted in the pool at any time or on pool deck. In accordance with the governing body of USA Swimming, Inc., parents may observe practice from the stands. At no time are parents, siblings, or non-registered people allowed on pool deck for liability reasons.

  9. Any siblings or guests must have adult supervision at ALL times and in accordance with the governing body of USA Swimming, Inc., may observe practice from the bleachers. The pool deck, space outside of the Swim Coach’s Office, and the pool office shall remain clear of spectators.

  10. It is of the utmost importance that ALL swimmers and parents remember that we are guests of Ketchikan Gateway Borough Recreation Center, and therefore should respect and follow all rules set forth by them.

  11. While on pool grounds, the swimmers are required to listen to the Borough Pool staff.  Swimmers who misbehave run the risk of losing their privileges to enter the building and will not be able to practice.


Swimmers have a right to:

  1. Be treated with respect and to be free of verbal or physical abuse from a coach or another swimmer.

  2. Expect that his or her coach, after being made aware of a limiting physical condition, will not ask the swimmer to perform or train in a manner that the coach knows will be harmful to the swimmer.

  3. Expect that all practices, both in and out of the water, will be conducted in a safe manner so that the swimmer will not be exposed to unnecessary risk.

  4. Know that his or her coach cares about them as a person/individual as well as an athlete.

  5. Be positively encouraged to do better, to be congratulated on a good performance, and to be criticized constructively when improvement is needed and attainable.

  6. Expect practice to be challenging and that, overall, competition will be rewarding.

  7. Set his or her own swimming goals with his or her coach, and to change these goals as circumstances arise.


Located at the end of the team handbook is APPENDIX B, “Swimmer Code of Conduct.” Please carefully read this form. By registering as a member of the Ketchikan Killer Whales, you are agreeing to and will be held accountable for the terms of this contract.

Disrespectful behavior, abusive language, harassment, bullying, lying, stealing, and vandalism will not be tolerated on the Ketchikan Killer Whales Swim Club.  These behaviors are directly contrary to the objective of the club and are detrimental to the group and warrant strict disciplinary action.