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Coffee Sales


KKW has teamed up with the Green Coffee Bean Company to bring you your morning cup of coffee! A bag is just $12.00 for whole bean and $13 for decaf, delivered to your home or work, by any of our swimming members. Click here to order.  You can also ask any swimmer, or stop by the KKW office at the pool, for your fuel for the day! Thanks for supporting Ketchikan Swimming.

Coordinators - Shelly Harris

KKW Coffee FAQ’s

1. What type of coffee does KKW sell?
KKW coffee is roasted locally by the Green Bean Coffee Company. Coffee comes in three blends…medium roast, dark roast, and decaf. Each blend is available in whole bean or ground. You can order one pound bags or five pound bags. One pound bags are $12 and five pound bags are $50.

2. How do I order KKW coffee?
There are two ways to order KKW coffee. The best way to order coffee is by sending an email to Please include what you would like (regular, dark, or decaf), and also if you would like whole bean or ground. The second way to order is by filling out an order sheet and placing it in the “Coffee Orders” file. There are two files for coffee, one file has blank order forms, and the other file is where you put your order.

3. When do I order KKW coffee?
You can order coffee at any time. The order goes out every Saturday afternoon at 11:00 am, and it is ready for pick up on Wednesday evening. Please have your order in by 12:00 pm on Saturday (either via email or in the coffee order file).

4. How do I pay for KKW coffee?
Please pay for KKW coffee when you pick it up at the swim team office. You may pay with a personal check or cash. Deposits are done at least once a month.

5. How do I pick up my coffee?
The Green Bean Coffee Company usually delivers the coffee Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon to the swim team office. The coffee is then distributed and inventory is checked. Once this is done, it is ready to be picked up. Wednesday night is the best night to pick up your coffee.

6. What if I need coffee right away?
We do keep some extra bags of coffee on hand in the swim shop locker. If you see a coffee person, feel free to ask if we have any on hand and we will be happy to sell it to you. If you purchase coffee from the swim team locker, be sure to record it on the sign out sheet located on the inside of the locker door.

7. Where can I sell KKW Coffee?
Many families buy the coffee for their own households. You can also sell to friends, family members, local businesses, schools, workplaces, or anywhere you think someone might need coffee! KKW coffee also makes a great gift.