NPAC Dues & Fees


North Pole Aquatic Club Dues and Fees

NPAC is comprised of several training groups based on age and skill level.  A swimmer's training group will be decided on by NPAC coaching staff. 

Every swimmer is required to be a USA Swimming member which has a registration fee of $74 per year.

There is an NPAC annual team fee of $45 due at the time of registration.


Training Group


Practice Time

Monthly Dues





Mostly made up of 8 & under beginner swimmers who are just learning the front and back crawls.

Summer: 9-10 am T/TH


Fall: 5-6 pm T/TH


Winter/Spring: 5-6 pm T/TH



$75 per month






Mostly made up of 10 & under beginner swimmers who are legalizing all 4 competitive strokes.

Summer: 9-10 am MWF


Fall: 5-6 pm MWF


Winter/Spring: 5-6 pm MWF



$85 per month



Green A&B



Elementary age  swimmers.

Summer: 8-9:30 am MWF


Fall: A: 5:30-6:45 pm MWF

     Fall: B: 5:30-6:45 pm           MWF


A: 4:30-6pm MWF

B:4:30-6pm MWF



$100 per month



Green Middle


Middle school and high school age swimmers.

Summer: 8-9:30 am MWF


Fall: 5:30-6:45 pm TWTH


Winter/Spring: 3-4:30 pm TWTH



$100 per month





Advanced elementary and middle school age swimmers.

Summer: 8-10 am M/T/TH/FR


Fall: 5-6:45 pm M/T/Th/F

& Sat 8:30-10:30 am


Winter/Spring: 3-5 pm M/T/Th/F



$110 per month





Advanced middle and high school swimmers.

Summer: 8-10 am M-F


Fall: 5-6:45 pm M-F

& Sat. 8:30-10:30 am


Winter/Spring: 3-5 pm   M-F



$120 per month