Swim Meet Volunteers

NPAC Hosted Swim Meets

The three meets our team hosts per year are 100% dependent on swim family volunteers.  Volunteer sign-up sheets are posted on the team bulletin board and the volunteer coordinator will also email parents when help is needed.  Please volunteer to ensure a successful event for our swimmers!

Meet Needs:

·       Head Timer – 1 (times leader of each heat and collects lane sheets)

·       Timers 12 (our team tries to provide at least 6 and families in the stands fill in the rest)

·       Meet Set Up/Break Down – 4 (help set up tables, chairs, signage, timing system, flags,  blocks, etc. prior to the meet start and take down after the meet)

·       Concessions – 2 (manage sales table during meet-needs cash box and change to start with and prints heat sheets as needed)

·       Clerk of Course – 2 (first/last call board and crowd control behind the blocks)

·       Warm-up Assistant – 2 (on deck during warm-ups, writing down events on swimmers’ arms)

·       Meet Marshal – 1 (safety on deck)

·       Clock1 (on deck, start to stop events, send times to computer, etc.)

·       Computer1 (on deck, run the events on the computer and print sheets, etc.)

·       Ribbons/Trophies1 (order ribbons and trophies, place stickers on ribbons and distribute to each team’s coach after the meet if needed)

·       Hospitality1 (set up tables, present food for coaches and staff, and keep the area clean and organized)


Hospitality Food Needs:

Our team tries to provide home cooked food for the volunteers on deck (breakfast and lunch depending on the meet…) the sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.  Any questions please contact our volunteer coordinator Nona Elliott at 907-488-3644 or email her at goldrushsaints@gci.net.