Team Support

Fundraising Requirements

It is the goal of the Stingray Swim Team coaches and volunteer board to provide parents with a clear understanding of what team season fees to expect and how raffle tickets sales, sponsorships and other fundraising opportunities help support our team. We have adopted a fundraising policy to help establish consistent and reliable ways to meet the team's financial obligations while keeping each families' obligation flexible and fair.

Each swimmer will have an annual fundraising obligation of $300. The team will provide two fundraising opportunities each year; a raffle in the fall (minimum $200) and a Swim-a-Thon (minimum $100) in the spring. Fundraising donations in any amount are tax deductible. Any additional fundraising and/or sponsorship ideas are welcome and encouraged.


If you have any questions about fundraising, please contact our Fundraising Committee Chair,Gina Hrinko, at 970-750-8854. Thank you!