SST Top 10 Times

Since USA Swimming began tracking each club's top 10 times in each event in September of 1997, it has been interesting to see the Stingray's progression. We will update this list after each meet to show the Stingray Swim Team season & all-time Top 10 list. Congratulations to those swimmers on the list, and we expect more swimmers to join the list after our next meet.

2017-2018 Stingray Swim Team Top 10 List

2017-2018 Stingray Swim Team Top 10 Relay List

Stingray Swim Team All-Time Top 10 List

Stingray Swim Team All-Time Top 10 Relay List

*updated May 1, 2018

*reports only show "B" times or faster

*times since September, 1997