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General Questions




Who are the coaches?

The coaching staff is made up of the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches. Senior swimmer volunteers may also help with the younger swimmers. For more information on each coach, please go to our team website.

How can I best help the coach help my child?

Bring them to practices regularly, prepared and on time (for Gold Group and above swimmers this sometimes means earlier than the scheduled time so they are able to help with lane line set-up). Be supportive and positive and let them enjoy the sport. Let the coaches do the coaching.

How can I best help the team?

Support your child by bringing them to practice, preparing them for the meet and cheering for them and the team at the meets. Volunteer to help out at a swim meet or with other swim team duties. It's an all-volunteer effort and there is always something more that can be done. Consider becoming a Swim Meet Official as a stroke & turn judge, starter or referee. The officiating is volunteer based and it always helps to have more people trained to step in when others have scheduling conflicts for a meet. You may also enjoy the meet more when you know the rules well. Talk to an Official about training.

Finally, talk to your friends and neighbors and bring them out to join the team!

How can I get involved with VTSC as a volunteer?

Don’t worry, we’ll ask!! In particular, before a swim meet there are a variety of volunteer positions that will be posted on the website. One of VTSC’s greatest strengths is its large group of talented parent volunteers. We welcome new additions with open arms, and all parents are required to volunteer at the home meets. Just ask the Volunteer Coordinator or any board member about the meet volunteer positions.

Do parents need to volunteer? Is there a minimum number of points per year? 

There is a mandatory requirement of 3 volunteer points per family per quarter.  it is encouraged that least one parent volunteer to work at each meet in which their child swims. Meets can't happen until all positions are filled. If your child swims the meet, please be ready to volunteer. However, some swim meets also need items donated for concessions and/or the hospitality room and will count towards volunteering.

I have other small children. Do I really have to volunteer?

Yes, we must have volunteers if we are hosting the swim meet. A swim meet cannot run without enough volunteers to fill the positions. There are a variety of opportunities for parents to volunteer.  For example, if you need to be with your other young children in a swim meet, you may wish to donate food items, drinks and/or ice to concessions and the hospitality room. We also need concession workers for each home meet that is held at The Valdez Pool. This position is a good way to help if you are uncomfortable with the technical positions involved in running the meet.

We are asking each family to please volunteer for each meet their child is in if we are hosting the event. There are a variety of volunteer positions that will be posted for each meet on the website. The volunteer coordinator will also send out an email and post a request on our Facebook page for volunteers positions and how to sign-up for those jobs .  If you have small children, you should find a task that allows you to contribute but still be able to take care of your loved ones. Alternatively, you could make arrangements for your spouse/partner to watch your kids while you work the meet. If you are unsure of your ability to do a volunteer job, talk with the volunteer coordinators or other parent volunteers. They will help you find something that will work for your situation.