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New Team Swimmer Info

~ There is more information under this tab (Parent Info) for new team members. Also check out the Team Handbook found under the 'Documents' tab. If you still have questions, ask a current team member or a Board member. Everyone is happy to help ~


VTSC team practice runs from September to April and is broken up into 4 quarters that are approximately 7 weeks long. Your child does not have to swim all four quarters!  Pick and choose the quarters that work best for you. 


Club Fees:

Quarterly tuition paid at the beginning of each quarter for the level your swimmer is participating. See the information under the ‘Swim Groups’ tab for the levels, practice schedule and tuition costs.

USA Swimming Insurance is required for all swimmers participating in VTSC activities and USA Swimming sanctioned meets. This membership includes liability and secondary accident medical insurance and covers the fees for both Alaska and USA Swimming membership. This fee is required to be paid for new members on the first day of joining the team and renewed yearly for current members. USA Swimming Registration forms can be found under the 'Documents' tab; these forms need to be filled out for each new or renewing swimmer and given to Coach or Registration Coordinator.



Parents/guardians need to register their swimmers online or make arrangements with the Registration Coordinator. Click on the red ‘Online Registration’ button on the homepage and follow the prompts to get your swimmer registered.



To make sure all information gets out to our members we utilize several sources for communications; emails, website, and Facebook.

We send emails throughout the season to inform our members of meets, special events, fundraiser information, and invoice payments. If you receive an email from Team Unify or [email protected] the content is pertaining to VTSC, please read and respond if necessary.

We are continually updating the website as a source of information for our members, take some time to look over the content. This site has meet records, meet information, team calendar, and your team account. You can also commit to meets and sign-up for volunteers jobs.

Please like our Facebook page Valdez Torpedoes Swim Club.  Here we post meet information, volunteer requests, reminders and is our go to place to post schedule changes. As a member you can also post information/requests on that page.  



The success of the Valdez Torpedoes Swim Club depends on parent participation. VTSC has a mandatory volunteer participation policy and every family is expected to volunteer throughout the season (June 1 to May 31).

Each family is required to get 3 volunteer points per quarter or a total of 12 points per season. This is per family not per swimmer! Families can volunteer for events throughout the year. Points can be earned by timing at a meet, deck set-up and clean-up, hospitality, and other assignments as they arise. The Volunteer Coordinator puts out requests for volunteers via email and on our Facebook page. Most jobs earn 1-2 points, when you sign-up for a job on the website or with the OnDeck app you will see the points that are assigned to each position.

It is required that you do your fair share throughout the season, it is your responsibility to contact the Volunteer Coordinator to see where you can help or to make sure your received credit for your time. Families that do not receive 3 volunteer points per quarter their child(ren) is swimming will be assessed $25 per point under the required 3. Questions or to know your point total, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.


OnDeck App

On Deck is a free swim management app that is connected to our website. Through this app you can declare your commitment to meets, sign-up for jobs, see meet results, and a host of other options. You will need your Team Unify (Torpedoes Website) account log-in for this app.



Postal Meets, Invites, and Championship meets – what’s the difference?

Postal meets are meets that are held at our pool with our Club members only. These meets are for Bronze through Senior and Master swimmers. Parents are needed for volunteer positions at all Postal meets. These meets can’t happen until all positions are filled. This is a great way to get your Volunteer Points.

Parents are not allowed on deck unless they are timing or officiating. This is a USA Swimming regulation. The best seat are on deck, so please help the meet run smoothly and quickly by volunteering to be a timer or become an official.

Invites are usually open meets, meaning they are open to all swimmers and don’t require qualifying times to participate. All Invites, except our own Banana Meet, are held throughout the state.

Championship meets are held in and out of state and require swimmers to have qualifying times to participate.

Swimmers are not required to participate in any meets, but they are a lot of fun and encouraged. Traveling and competing in a meet outside of Valdez is a really rewarding experience.

Traveling to meets outside of Valdez is the responsibility of the families. The team does not travel together to meets unless special arrangements have been made. The Club does not cover or reimburse the costs for travel, lodging, or meet fees for swimmers. Meet fees for away meets will be invoiced to your account. Meet fees usually run from $15-$50 per swimmer per meet, depending on the meet. Carpooling and shared lodging is a great way to defray the expense of travel meets.

Qualifying times can be found on the website under the tab ‘Times/Standings’.

Check the team calendar for the most up-to-date meets schedule that VTSC will be participating in. The calendar can be found on the website under the ‘Team Calendar’ tab at the top of the homepage or to the right of the scrolling photos.

Swimmers should pack what they need for the meet day– suit, goggles, cap, and towel. It is a good idea to have extras of these items as well. They should also consider having a water bottle and healthy snacks.



Team suits are strongly encouraged to be worn at all meets as a way of unifying our team as Valdez Torpedoes. We usually decide on a suit and do a bulk order at the start of the season in September. Few sell the suits at cost and families are responsible for purchase. Team suits can also be purchased through our team store at SwimOutlet by clicking the tab ‘Team Store’ to the right of the photos on the website homepage.

Any suit is acceptable for team practice.