CSC Long Course '19

2019 Long Course Swimmers Packet (please cut and paste everything below the line into Microsoft Word to print):


 Cavalier Swim Club Long Course Season

PO Box 215, Vandergrift, PA 15690


Summer 2019 Registration Checklist

After going through this packet did you:

Review the summer swimming guidelines?

Read the family obligation page?

Fill out and sign the liability release, agreement and picture permission pages?

Complete Emergency Medical forms? (one per swimmer please)

Make your summer payment? (payable to CSC)



Cost for the Summer Season:

Long Course swimmer $300 CSC / $350 non-club swimmer/$45 Pool Surgharge

Coach Dan Prager


Payment is due on April 23th,  the first day of practice. This payment is required to participate.  At anytime payments are not current; your child will not be permitted to swim. If your account is not in “good standing” from the fall session, you will not be eligible for the summer session until you are paid in full. If there are any extenuating circumstances please contact the board. We want to give your swimmer every opportunity to swim and do not want payment/finances to be a determining factor in their participation


Summer Swimming Guidelines for all Swimmers and Parents


You may not park in the circle. Parking is available in the upper lot above the tennis courts. We would ask all parents when they are dropping off their children to please come into the building to make sure there is in fact, practice. This is a safety precaution especially for our little ones. This prevents any swimmer left by themselves without supervision should there be no practice.



We would ask all parents to be at the school at least by the time practice is over. This again prevents any child being left at the school without supervision. Parents need to be aware that as soon as swimmers enter the locker room after practice they are no longer the team’s responsibility.



We have come up with consequences following unacceptable behavior during practice.

1st Offense – Swimmer sits out for 5 minutes.

2nd Offense – Swimmer is removed from pool area and parent is called to come and pick him or her up.

3rd Offense – Child will not be permitted to swim any longer and your fees will be pro-rated fairly and returned. We have had to do this in the past and we will again as safety of all the swimmers and respect is of the utmost importance. Coaches go over the rules with the swimmers several times. They will all know the rules and they will all know the consequences.



Starting the week of May 1st,  we will be taking attendance. We encourage our young swimmers 10 and under at least 3 days a week. All other swimmers are encouraged to come daily. Remember, what your child puts into it is what will be the result of his or her swimming.



Practice Times for Summer Swim:


CSC Long Course:

(Times may change)

Kiski Pool – Starting Monday, April 23, 2019 – April 26, 2019 Mon-Fri 6:00 – 8:00pm.

Monday, April 29th  –  June 3st Mon-Fri 7pm-9pm

Olympic LC outdoor Pool –Starting on June 4th – August TBD

Mon-Fri 7pm-9pm. (Days may vary)




It is the responsibility of the swimmer to have fun, work hard to improve and try to do what the Coach asks and never say “can’t”. The swimmer must also attend practices and meets. The swimmer must remember their swimsuit, towel, cap, goggles, fins and water bottle. The swimmer should strive hard to improve a little each day, and to have lots of FUN!

-Always arrive at practice on time

- Go to the bathroom before practice

- Be dressed and have your cap, goggles, fins and water bottle with you when you enter the pool

- Enter the pool only when the coach tells you to do so

- Listen to the coaches and do as they say

- If you need to leave early, let the coach know before practice starts

- If you know in advance you will miss a meet, let your coach know immediately

- Do not disrupt other swimmers. If you are a disruptive, you will be removed from the pool

- Encourage and cheer for your teammates

- TRY – TRY – TRY – The more you TRY, the easier it becomes

  • Keep a good attitude and be willing to learn



It is the responsibility of the parent to support the Coach and to help out in any way asked. The parent should make sure that their swimmer knows that they are loved no matter what place they come in. Cheer for your swimmer and leave the coaching to the coaches. Remember that there are many ways to be a winner and it doesn’t always mean coming in first.

Please sign up to help at our meets. Without parents and family volunteers we would not be able to have a swim club. The more people that can help the more efficient and timely a meet can be handled reducing everyone’s obligation time and making the meet fun for all to enjoy!

Thank you!!




Team Suit & Swim Cap & Goggles

         If you are not volunteering – a chair

Sweat Suit and/or  Jacket – evenings get cold

                          Umbrella – we swim in the rain unless there is lighting

Sun Screen, Towels (at least 4 – easy to recognize)

 Sharpie Marker – to write your swimmers  events down



Things to expect/order of the meet:

Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to warm ups

Warm Ups

The “Clerk of Course” will call the first event to the chairs behind the starting blocks

Events will be called only twice, so it is very important that you pay attention

Singing of the National Anthem

Lots of cheering and great friends!


What’s my time?

Swimmers times are collected multiple ways. They may be recorded by our timers on stopwatches, a plunger pressed by the timers and by the swimmer touching the pads in the water if the pool has pads. If your swimmer asks a timer for their time, be aware that time is NOT official. Once all the times for a heat are collected, the swimmer must wait for the official results to be posted. All events results are computerized and retained for each swimmer all season.


What is disqualification (DQ)?

During competition, if a swimmer fails to comply with the stroke and turn rules, a Stroke and Turn Judge (dressed in white) will raise their hand and write up a disqualification (DQ) slip. Judges always try to reach the swimmer to explain the reason he/she disqualified the swimmer, but this is not always possible. Being disqualified is not the end of the world. Almost all swimmers have been DQ’d at some time. This should be viewed as a learning experience and not a failure. Swimmers should discuss this with their coach after the race, and together they will formulate a plan to correct the mistake.




Swimmer Agreement

I, (1)________________________________________, (2)____________________________________, (3)__________________________________ agree to respect all property of the Kiski Area High School and will not engage in any destructive behavior on the property of K.A.H.S. or any other location that the team may be swimming or practicing. I understand that I will be held responsible for any property that I intentionally damage. I promise to respect my coaches and fellow swimmers. I understand that I may be suspended or dismissed from a practice if I am disrespectful to the coaches or other AMS swimmers. I also understand that unless I am AMS registered, I am not permitted on the pool deck. I will try my best and work hard to be the best swimmer that I can possibly be.

Swimmer’s Signature - ________________________________________ Date - ___________


Parent(s) or Guardian Agreement

I, (1) _______________________________________, (2) ________________________________________ agree to support my child and the other swimmers on the team. I promise to act responsibly at all times and to treat coaches and all swimming officials with courtesy and respect. I will provide the necessary support, funding and transportation for my child to have a successful swimming season. I understand that swimmers are to be picked up immediately after practice, and that coaches are not liable for swimmers after that time. I also agree to support the fund raising activities of the club as well as any other functions (mock meets, banquets, etc.) I understand that if fees are not up to date and arrangements for payment have not been made with the board, my child will not be permitted to swim.

Parent’s Signature - ___________________________________________ Date - ___________


Coaches Agreement

I, __________________________________________, agree to provide to the best of my ability a safe and positive environment for each swimmer on our club. If disciplinary action is required, I will discuss with the other coaches on the team and with the parents of the swimmer. Disciplinary action will be handled directly with those involved and not in front of the entire team. I promise to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by USA Swimming. I will try to provide as much information as possible to the parents of the swimmers. I will attend board meetings and club meetings when asked to do so. I will complete the necessary paperwork upon request for any and all background checks that the board may require.

Coaches Signature - _________________________________________ Date - ___________


Picture Permission

I, ________________________________________, GIVE or DO NOT (please circle one) give my permission to have my child’s picture taken for team pictures, newspaper articles, yearbook, slide shows, etc.

Parent Signature - ________________________________________ Date - ___________



Complete one form for each swimmer and submit for file


Swimmers Name: ________________________________ Birthdate: ________

Address: _______________________________________________________

Home Phone: ( ) _____ - __________ Parents Cell : ( ) _____ - __________

Emergency Contacts: ________________________Phone: ( ) ___-__________

                                   ________________________ Phone: ( ) __-__________

Medical Insurance Policy Name & Group: #______________________________________________________________


Family Physician: _____________________________________________ Phone: ( ) _____ - __________

Family Dentist: ________________________________________________ Phone: ( ) _____ - __________

Allergies/Special Medical Concerns____________________________________________________________


I give permission for __________________________________ to be transported to the nearest hospital/medical facility in the event of an emergency, and to receive emergency treatment.

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________


Payment – Cavalier Swim Club

Please make all checks payable to “CSC”


Last Name: __________________________________


Swimmers: ____________________ - ______________________ - _____________________


Long Course  CSC club member ______  X  $300.00 = ___________

                       Non-club member ______  X  $350.00 = ___________

Pool Surcharge all swimmers      ______  X    $45.00 = ___________

(see LC registration form attached)                     Total Amount Owed $ ___________






Long Course Commitment Due April 22nd, 2019

Club Member $100.00  Non-club Member $150.00


Payment Plan: Two installments – May 8th & June 8th,  

Your swimmer(s) will not enter the pool if this payment is not received


Payment #3: Due June 4th, 2019

Long Course see LC registration form attached)

Cavalier Swim Club Member_________ x $100.00= __________

                   Non-Club Member_________ x $100.00=___________


                 Check # __________ Total Payment #3 $____________

 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Payment #2: Due May 8nd, 2019

Long Course see LC registration form attached)

Cavalier Swim Club Member_____________ x $100.00= __________

                   Non-Club Member_____________ x $100.00=___________


              Check # __________   Total Payment #2 $ __________


Payment in Full on first night of practice:

Long Course see LC registration form attached)

Cavalier Swim Club Member_____________ x $300.00= __________

                   Non-Club Member_____________ x $350.00=___________


                                       Check #________ Total Payment $___________