​Please use the following guidelines to help determine where your child fits into our levels.

LEVEL 1 - Water Adjustment

Our first level focuses on basic water skills such as blowing bubbles, assisted & unassisted floating, and submerging underwater. Swimmers should be at least 3 years of age, able to listen to instructions, and work within a group.

Our primary goal is to increase every child?s comfort and feel for the water at this level. Some basic skills they will be working on will be:

*Getting comfortable working with an instructor
*Getting face wet & blowing bubbles
*Kicking with instructor
*Assisted back floats
*Submerging completely underwater at own will

LEVEL 2 – Beginner
Our second level continues to reinforce skills from Level 1 with an increased focus on water comfort teaching the fundamentals of water safety and locomotive movements.

Swimmers in this group should be able to complete ALL the skills in the Water Adjustment level mentioned above. The following skills will be worked on at the beginner level:

*Bobs, jumps, & consistent submerging
*Back & Front Floats Unassisted
*Kicking on back
*Locomotive movement on front
*Introduction to freestyle motion (front crawl)

LEVEL 3 - Advanced Beginner
Our third level reinforces the skills in Level 2 while continuing to refine freestyle skills with comfortable and relaxed breathing. Backstroke skills will be taught along with a consistent focus on body position & balance in the water.  
Students will aim to master safety skills and develop independent swimming skills for 10 yards.

*Kicking with kickboard
​*Continual breathing pattern during bobs
*Flipping from front to back while kicking (safety swim)
*Body positioning and breathing for freestyle (front crawl)
*Introduction to backstroke swimming techniques
*Treading water for 20-30 seconds
*Sitting Dives and and jumping into the deep end

LEVEL 4 - Intermediate
Our fourth level will continue to reinforce the skills in Level 3 with an increased focus on backstroke, treading water, and building confidence in the water. Diving from the side of the pool is introduced as well.

They should be able to complete all the skills in the Advanced Beginner/Intermediate level mentioned above.

*Freestyle with refined rotary breathing
*Increased backstroke skills
*Introduction to "drills" for technique improvement
*Treading water for over 1 minute
*Games and confidence building drills
*Introduction into diving (kneeling, standing)
*Underwater streamline and kicking from dive or push

LEVEL 5 - Advanced
Our fifth level will continue to reinforce the skills in Level 4 with an additional focus on breaststroke and butterfly kick and stroke development, standing dives, and preparation for our swim club's competitive team. 
*Freestyle and backstroke stroke refinement
*Breaststroke Kick
*Breaststroke technique development
*Butterfly Kick
*Butterfly technique development
*Diving and Streamline
*Drills and skill development for future success in competitive swimming