All swimmers will need to have their swim meet tattoos completed before they arrive on the day of the meet.  The tattoo contains all of your swimmer’s meet information:  event, heat, lane, and stroke. 

The meet lineup is emailed to all families prior to the start of the meet, usually the night before.  All of the information needed to complete your swimmer’s tattoo is in the meet lineup.  There are two parts to this report, one by swimmer names and one by event numbers.  

Locate the report by swimmer names and find your swimmer’s name.  From left to right you will see the event #, event name, heat #, lane #, and their best time in this stroke.    N/T is shown if they have not competed in this event yet.  If it is a medley relay, it will show the stroke they are swimming.  The order of the medley relay strokes are butterfly (#1), backstroke (#2), breaststroke (#3), and freestyle (#4).  If it is a freestyle relay, the number shown is what order they will swim in the relay.  If you do not see the heat or lane for an event, locate the report by event numbers and they will be listed here. 

You will need a black Sharpie marker.  Write E, H, L, and S on your swimmer’s forearm, then you will start to complete the chart.  If you have any questions, please let us know at practice so we may help you learn how to complete this for your swimmer before they arrive on the day of the meet.               

Here is an example.

Listed under the swimmer’s name:           

# 13    Girls 8 & Under 100 IM                                1/4     1:40.40Y

# 23    Girls 8 & Under 25 Fly                                 1/4     20.43Y

# 33    Mixed 8 & Under 100 Medley Relay A      1/4     Breast

# 57    Girls 8 & Under 25 Breast                           1/4     22.00Y

# 67    Mixed 8 & Under 100 Free Relay A            1/4     1


Their swim tattoo should look like this: