Introduction to Competitive Swimming

Introduction to Competitive Swimming (ICS)

ICS is an introduction to competitive swimming intended for swimmers ages 11 and younger. It is based on having fun in the pool, meeting new friends and learning swimming fundamentals. Swimmers need to be comfortable at being in the deep end (12 feet) of the pool without assistance, and the swimmers needs to be able to swim 25 yards of the pool without assistance of another individual.

The goal is to make sure your child is confident and safe when swimming and to get them ready to be the next FAST All-Star!

You do not need to be a member of FAST to participate in the ICS program.  

Practice Overview

  • 1 day a week, for 6 weeks, as a group lesson with our professional coaching staff.
  • Duration is 30 minutes per practice.
  • Session will take place at Franklin Regional Middle School pool.

Group expectations

  • Be prompt - prepared - productive.
  • No parental volunteer requirements or additional fees.