Each year we conduct a fundraising drive to raise money for the club and our ongoing operations. Our challenges maintaining the financial health of the club are significant; increasing costs impact our coaches, the Franklin Regional middle school pool, and our member families.

Our fundraising effort this season coincides with our preparation for the FAST IM Sprint home meet in late October. Due to a lot of hard work and your volunteer efforts, this will be a great event to kick off the season.  

We believe the best way to highlight Franklin Regional area businesses is to recognize them in the heat sheet for the FAST IM Sprint home meet, on our website and other communications. By participating in this fundraising effort, you'll be contributing to the ongoing health of our club. The rewards for fundraising are significant too.

This year we would like to obtain a meet title sponsor by mid-September for the FAST IM Sprint home meet in late October.  The remaining business partner fundraising drive is meant to finish by the end of mid-October and we hope to get most businesses signed up so they can benefit from the FAST IM Sprint home meet. 

To be associated with a business partner donation, please fill in your swimmer's name in the attached form prior to giving it to business prospects. Attractive prospects might include; doctors, dentists, chiropractors, real estate agents, insurance agents, consultants, and other small businesses that would benefit from having exposure on the FAST website, social channels, and printed materials. Chain businesses are great too, though they might manage inquiries differently, sometimes via their corporate website.

Thank you for your efforts!

FAST Coaches and Board of Directors