Skill Groups

Killer Whale Swimming offers training, practice and the opportunity to compete in swim meets for swimmers ages 6-18. Our skill groups range from those who graduated from lessons and are not quite ready for competition, to the accomplished competitive swimmer. It is the goal of Killer Whale Swimming to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

The KWS head coach is responsible for the placement of each swimmer into one of six levels according to their demonstrated swimming competency.  

The Fox Chapel Killer Whales Swim Program includes the following program levels:

*Pre-Competitive Group (8 and Under): 2 days per week; two 45minute sessions

          *Skill introduction

                   *Begin to build the foundation for all 4 competitive strokes

                   *Learn how to start/finish properly in all four strokes

                   *No meet requirement

          *Requirements for exit  

                   *Must be able to dive off of the side of starting block

                   *Must be able to flip in shallow water

                   *Must be able to swim a continuous 100 yd. freestyle

                   *Must be able to swim a continuous 100 backstroke

                   *Must be able to complete a continuous 100 flutter kick  


*Developmental I (ages 10 and under) – 3/4 days per week; three 1 hour sessions

          *Skill Acquisition

                   *Introduction to proper practice procedures

                   *Attempting all four stroke kicks with and without a board

                   *Arm cycles coordination and stroke count

                   *Proper usage of bi-lateral breathing

                   *Streamline development with proper underwater kicks

                   *Performance of legal turns and starts

                    *Introduction of basic stroke drills

                   *Speed and endurance progression to Developmental II

          *Requirements for exit  

                   *Completion of two USA Swimming competitions

                   *Legal strokes and turns in all four strokes

                   *Can verbally display knowledge of all 4 stroke and turn rules

                   *Swim a continuous 200 free with flip turns and bi-lateral breathing

                   *Swim a 100 IM with legal strokes and turns

                   *6x50 Free @ 1:05

                   *6x50 Kick @ 1:20


*Developmental II (ages 9–12)-  "B-BB" Meet ready: 4 days per week…..1hr swim + dryland

          * Skill Development

                   * Introduction to Interval swimming and kicking

                   * Stroke Rate development

                   * Develop under water swimming on starts and turns

                   * Learn a variety of stroke drills

                   * Athletic development through basic dryland movements

                             *Requirements for exit  

                                      *3 USA Swimming meets

                                      *4 Age Group "B" times

                                      *12x50 @ :55 freestyle maintaining turns and technique

                                      *12x50 @ 1:10 kick

                                      *200 IM completed legally in a meet

                                      *15 meters streamline kicking under water

                                      *Knowledge of meet protocol, and all rules pertaining to

                                                   IM, relay, and fly over start.

                                      *Show good sportsmanship


*Developmental III (ages 10–14) -  "BB-A" Meet ready: 5/6 days per week, 1:15 swim +  


          * Skill Refinement

                   *Continued development of interval kicking

                   *Continued development of stroke drills

                   *Maintain technique through practice sets and competition

                   *Learn to effectively use training equipment (snorkels, paddles, fins)

                   *Develop core body strength, increase flexibility and fitness through dryland


                   *Increase speed and endurance

                             * Requirements for exit

                                      *4 USA Swimming meets

                                      *4 Age Group "BB" times

                                      *10x50 @ 1:05 flutter kick     

                                      *10x100 @ 1:40 freestyle

                                      *Skills maintained through the 400 IM

                                      *20 yards under water kicking from a dive

                                      *Knowledge of all swimming races

                                      *Demonstrates good sportsmanship

* Junior Training Group (ages 11 – 15)   "A" Meet ready: 6 days per week, 1:30 swim +


          *Performance Building

                   * Maintain technique through training sets and competition

                   * Implement all skills during competition

                   * Utilize equipment to build technique and speed

                   * Develop upper body strength, continued development of core strength

                      flexibility and fitness through dryland program

                   * Increased speed and endurance, progression to gold

                             * Requirements for exit

                                      * 5 USA Swimming meets

                                      * 4 Age Group "A" times

                                      * 10*100@2:00  flutter kick

                                      * 5*200 @ 3:00 IM

                                      * Skills maintained in all 200 stroke races

                                      * Assist younger teammates

                                      * Show leadership qualities

                                      * Knowledge of progression in competition levels

Senior Training Group (ages 13 and older) – “A”  Level Competition; 6 days per week, 2hr

           swim + dryland

          * Performance Refinement

                   * Progression toward national level competitions

                   * Continued development of speed and endurance through specialized training

                   * Maintain technique through training sets and competition

                   * Additional training equipment utilization

                   * Development of strength and endurance through structured dryland     


                   * Meets as per coach recommendation

                   * Positive role models for all young athletes

                   * Take an active role in club development

                   * Show leadership

                   * Show good sportsmanship

We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@kwswimming.com . Thanks!

Updated August 2016