Greater Latrobe Aqua Club (GLAC
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there an age limit to join GLAC?

A: Yes, the athlete must by at least 5 years old.  The swimmer also must be capable of swimming one length freestyle of a 25 yard pool and be comfortable standing in the 3 ft shallow end.

Q: When can new swimmers join GLAC?

A: New swimmers may join GLAC at anytime during the season.  A new swimmer MUST attend a practice before completing online registration.  Contact us to setup a three day trial period.  During the trial the swimmer will be tested and placed into the appropriate practice group.

Q: How will you determine the group in which my child should practice?

A: The primary determining factor is swimming ability.  It is not good for swimmers to participate in groups for which they are not yet ready.  We also try to avoid large age differences in the practice groups.  Placement is wholly determined by the GLAC coaching staff.

Q: Does the swimmer need to attend every practice?

A: Practice attendance is not required.  We encourage our swimmer to swimmers to have multiple interests and understand there will occasionally be conflicts.  That being said, it is important to remember that your child will get out of swimming what they put into it.

Q: Does the swimmer need to attend every meet?

A: No, you are able to signup for the meets you are able to attend.  However, meet attendance is strongly encouraged as means to measure the swimmer's progress.  Every time a swimmer races, they have an opportunity to perform a personal best time.  We measure progress by comparing your child to what they previously have done.

Q: Is there a separate swim team at the high school level?

A: The Greater Latrobe School District sponsors a high school swim team.  Most high school swimmers are members of GLAC, but one does not need to be a club member in order to swim for the high school swim team.

Q: Do I have to go to Greater Latrobe School District to participate?

A: No, our club welcomes swimmers from any school district.

Q: Will my child know other swimmers?

A: Many GLAC members are from Greater Latrobe and surrounding school districts.  The swimmers practice together several times a week which allows swimmers to make excellent and long-lasting friendships outside of the school which they attend.

NEED MORE HELP? If you have any additional questions please contact us.  GLAC Contact Information