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Tentative Fall and Winter 2019/2020 Meet Schedule
Date Meet Who Can Participate Location
October 5-6 First Splash Everyone ANSC
October 19-20 Mini/Distance Everyone NHA
November 2-3 BB and Faster BB & Faster SHAQ
November 9-10 Slower than BB B & Slower SHAQ
November 22-24 Spire Travel Meet 12 & under BB & Faster.  A & AA for 13 and over Geneva, Ohio
December 7-8 Slower than BB/Mini B & Slower/Mini SFAC
December 12-15 Christmas Meet A and Faster PITT
January 11-12 Age Group Open ALL Hampton
January 18-19 Mini/Distance ALL NHA
February 8-9 Single Age High Point 14 & Under, BB & Slower BWA
February 15-16 Mini Champs/Distance 8 and Under Hampton
February 21-23 Silver Champs B & BB times KW
March 5-8 Junior Olympics A & Faster PITT
March 21-22 Last Splash ALL PRA
March 26-29 SC Sectionals Qualifying Times Richmond, Va
April 1-4 SC Zones Qualifying Times Webster, NY
The Meets in BOLD and UNDERLINED are our home meets.  Mandatory parent volunteer hours are required!!!