Coach Laurie's Annual Reminder to Parent

Parents, please... when practice begins at a certain time, you must drop your swimmer off at least 10 minutes before that to change, or 5 minutes before that if they are in their suits. Dropping them off at the time practice begins, makes them 10 minutes late which is very disruptive. I know situations occur, and traffic can be bad sometimes. I know some of you drive further than others, but please try your best to have your swimmer at the pool prior to our start time. Thank you!

Parents, please label your swimmers' belongings. Initials on a water bottles, towels, equipment bags, snorkels, caps, fins, paddles, suits, goggles, means the difference between you probably getting them back and me adding them to my loaner box or them ending up in the school lost and found and thrown away. This is for your own good.  Take a minute before next week and have your swimmer label their belongings!