1. Parents are to be available during practice in case of emergency.
  2. Parents, please try your best to have your swimmer(s) arrive at least 5 minutes before practice time.
  3. Please remind your swimmer not to have any food or drink in the locker rooms or spectator area and not to litter in the school, in any way.
  4. Swimmers need to finish quickly in the locker rooms and not distract high school practice by being loud while showering or changing.
  5. Swimmers and parents are to respect and follow our club and USA Swimming code of conduct when they are in or near pool area.  
  6. Swimmers are to participate in practices regularly in order to improve their performance.
  7. Swimmers are required to show respect to our coaches and follow instructions. Reported misconduct, disrespect and bullying toward other swimmers or coaches could result in membership forfeiture.
  8. Parents are always welcome to watch swimmers at spectator area. Parents are not permitted to be on deck or inside the locker room areas during practice. Please be courteous to others and let our coaches do the coaching.
  9. Parents are to help label and remind swimmers to stay organized and keep track of their clothes and gear. Coaches are not responsible for lost or missing items.
  10. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children’s safety outside of practice before leaving them at the facility. Be cautious about leaving your child(ren) outside of our coaches’ supervision when you are not present. Our coaches are not responsible for your children when they are outside of the pool area or after practice ends.