Sailfish groups

National Group

The Head Coach will decide when any swimmer can move into this group.  Swimmers will have to demonstrate the ability to do the highest level of work to get into and stay in this group.  Attendance will be taken and also each swimmer's performance will be monitored at workouts.  Swimmers will compete locally and nationally. 

Swimmers that have made Eastern Zone Swimming Sectionals (Southern) are eligibleto purchase caps, apparel and be recognized as the Sailfish NATIONAL TEAM

US Group

Swimmers must have advanced skills, meet the set time standards for this group, and have the willingness to commit to excellence.  Swimmers will compete locally and nationally.  Attendance will be taken, along with regular dry land sessions.  Will compete in 6-8 meets year, expected in compete in qualified Championship meets.

PA Group

Swimmers in the PA group must have a competitive background and be able to meet workout set time standards.  Instructions will focus on all strokes, starts, turns, race planning and faster set swimming.  Swimmers will compete locally, attendance will be taken. .  Will in compete in 4-6 USA Swimming meets a year.


Allegheny Group

Instructions and training will focus on all strokes, starts and turns and aerobic swimming.   Swimmers will compete locally. Attendance will be taken. Will compete in 2-4 USA swimming meets a year.

Pittsburgh Group

This group is for beginning competitive swimmers.  Swimmers will  improve all strokes, starts, turns and beginning to understand an interval swim set.  Will compete in 2-4 USA swimming meets a year.

Squirrel Hill Group

This group introduces and makes improvements on all 4 strokes and turns.  Swimmers will compete in local intramural meets.   Contact our Aquatic Director for more information about this group, 412-521-8010

Adult Programs

Contact Al Rose at [email protected] 

Private Lessons

For those swimmers who would like individual instruction, private lessons are available.  Please contact Al at 412-906-2583.