Meet Preparation
  • Prepare your swim bag 1-2 days before your meet
  • Always check in with your coaches before your event to let them know you are swimming.  After your race, be sure to go to your coaches so that they may analyze your race.
  • Do not leave a meet before checking with coaches to find out if you are in a relay.  If a relay is scratched because you left, you will be charged for the scratched relay.
  • Come prepared to swim. Team caps are required if swimmer uses a cap.  Be sure to bring extra caps, towels, swimsuits and a warm-up.  Often times you may want to bring a blanket as the team sits together in a certain area on the floor of a gym or cafeteria.
  • Food is usually available for a minimal cost but, if you wish, you may bring your own snacks
  • Heat sheets are sold at the door so that you may re-check which events you are in and where you are seeded.  There is a fee for the heat sheet.  A heat sheet tells you what event order and lists the heat and lane of each swimmer.