DeckPass & OnDeck

USA Swimming's Deck Pass Plus

Deck Pass, formerly known as “My USA Swimming”, has both stat tracking as well as a social media aspect. You’ll have to sign up for an account at, but you do not necessarily have to be a member. Parents can have a separate account from their swimmers, and the two can be linked together.
Deck Pass offers some of the same swimmer performance features as OnDeck Parent, and allows swimmers to set goals and monitor progress. “Swim and Share” by posting your results and news to Facebook.
Deck Pass’ digital “patches” are sure to generate some buzz amongst swimmers, who will earn certain “patches” as they progress. “Scream for the Team”, “Trail Blazer”,“Short Course Speed Racer” are just three example patches of the hundreds available.

New this Fall on Deck Pass is the following:

  • Digital Membership Card for all USA Swimming members
  • Find the Golden Patch promotion
  • Deck Pass Perks – Exclusive deals from USA Swimming and their corporate partners
  • AT&T Goals Section
  • Improved live webcasts
The standard Deck Pass mobile app is free; for expanded offerings, get Deck Pass Plus for a $1.99.

Click here to go to the USA Swimming's Deck Pass page, where you can watch the Deck Pass Overview video & learn how to get started & connected!

Team Unify OnDeck Parent

Compatible with the iPhone and Android, and available on iTunes and the Android app store, OnDeck Parent takes the historically laborious tasks of gathering your meet and event information and puts them, literally, in the palm of your hand. You’ll be able to check on meet attendance, verify event load, view times and splits for your swimmer, compare those statistics with local and even national time standards, and check out all the results from past meets. 
Beyond running the numbers though, have you ever wondered, “what will I do with all that time between events?” If so, then use OnDeck Parent to update your account information on the fly, sign up for a volunteer slot for an upcoming meet, or catch up on the latest team news.
OnDeck Parent syncs seamlessly with your TeamUnify account. Once you download the app, sign in with your username and password. Moon’s team alias (which you’ll also need) is “ammoon”, lowercase, without the quotes.

Click here to learn more about OnDeck- Parent by Team Unify.