Swim Lessons @ USC
PEAQ-USC Swim Lessons
Upper St. Clair High School Pool
At this time, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID, PEAQ is not able to
offer Learn to Swim Lessons at Upper St Clair High School.
Please check back in the spring-we hope to be
able to resume offering them at that time!
If you are interested in learning more about our Learn-to-Swim program, please read the information below before registering your child.  Any questions that you may have regarding this program can be sent to Sarah McClintock at [email protected]
Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics – Upper St. Clair offers small-group lessons for children ages 4-12 (6th grade) throughout the year at Upper St. Clair High School.  Our lesson program develops a beginning swimmer’s skill through our 6-level program.  With the completion of all levels, a swimmer will be able to perform all four competitive strokes correctly.  Instruction for our program is provided by certified instructors and assisted by members of our swim club.  We strive to have a very low student to teacher ratio in our classes in order for swimmers to get excellent instruction.
Winter Schedule at Upper St. Clair High School
Sign up for our small group lessons now!  These 30-minute lessons are highly individualized and emphasize safety, skill, and technique.  Each session includes 4 lessons and joining a new session requires a new registration. 
5 small group lessons per monthly session (ages 4-12)
March Session:  Sunday,March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Levels 1 and 2 from 1:00-1:30 PM
Levels 3 and 4 from 1:30-2:00 PM
Levels 5 and 6 from 2:00-2:30
USC High School Pool-1825 McLaughlin Run Road
$75 / 5 Lesson Session (30 minutes each)
  • Level 1 - first time swimmer (doesn’t know how to blow bubbles or put head under the water)
  • Level 2 - blowing bubbles with their faces in the water and can float with assistance
  • Level 3 - can swim with their face in the water (on belly) and float on their back-no assistance
  • Level 4 - can swim freestyle (breathing to the side), backstroke and learning breaststroke
  • Level 5 - can swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and learning butterfly
  • Level 6 - can swim all strokes-this level builds endurance and teaches flip turns
Please note that the completion of a session does not equate with the completion of a level.  Students may require several sessions in each level to master the skills necessary to advance to the next level. 
Any Questions please contact Sarah McClintock at [email protected]
Locker Room Policy and Pool Deck Policy
No parents will be permitted on the pool deck. If a child needs assistance getting dressed or with other bathroom needs, families are welcome to use the two restrooms in the hall located outside the pool area.

Refund Policy, Cancelation, and Make-up Lesson Policy
Refunds – No Refunds will be offered after the start of each session. 
Cancellation – If a lesson needs to be canceled for any reason, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.  The make-up lesson will be scheduled on the same day of the week and time as the canceled lesson, if and when possible.  There are no refunds for canceled lessons.
Make-up Lessons – No make-up lessons are available for lessons missed by any registrants.