Group Liaisons


If you need help or have a question, here's what to do:

If your question is about a dry side issue - how to work the website, how to signup for meets, volunteer requirements, fundraising, and generally anything not in the water related, contact one of our club liaisons based upon your group and location.  They are here to help answer questions for new members and novice swimmers that are not coach related.

USC/CV liaisons:
AG1 and AG2 - Stephanie
AG3 - Dana Chilenski,
AG4 - Sarah
JR - Lori Poe - Lori
Sr/Nat  -  Kristin Matheny can help answer any questions for new members in these groups.
Canon Mac liaison:
Ashly Carney
PITT Liaison:
Mimi Perez, -
1) PEAQ Parent FAQs  - click here
2) USA Swimming Time Standards (note the time standards listed are for LC meters, SC yards, and SC meters.  We swim SC yards when we are indoors (25 yard pool) and we swim LC meters in the summer (50 meter pool)) click here for the time standards 
If your question is about a wet side issue - practice, what to swim at meets, or a general in the water issue, please contact your child's coach (click here for coach's emails).  If you don't know your child's coach, contact one of the site head coaches: