Financial Aid
PEAQ Financial Aid & AMS Outreach Program
Who is eligible? Families on our club level teams on a limited budget who can provide proof stating they receive Free/Reduced lunch from their child’s school district will only be charged 75% of the PEAQ registration fees.  They will, however, be required to complete all volunteer hours and fundraising goals. Additionally, they must remain in good standing with the club.  All questions should be directed to Megan Whiteford ([email protected] .com).
How do I get started? Please print out the PEAQ financial aid application and mail in the necessary forms to Megan Whiteford.  Once your forms and application are in you will register and pay the full amount.  After you register, you will be reimbursed 25% of your registration fees.  This may take a couple weeks to process.
Does AMS offer any financial aid programs?  Yes.  AMS is the governing body of our local swim committee within USA Swimming.  All athletes are required to be registered with AMS by their clubs.  There is an $81 fee per athlete attached with this process.  AMS offers a program by which familes who qualify under PEAQ financial aid standards may also qualify for this assistance.  Please click here for those AMS guidelines/requirements.  If approved by AMS, families will only be charged $5 to become USA/AMS swimming members.  Upon approval, PEAQ will also refund the extra $76 you were charged for the mandatory AMS fee.  In order to receive this AMS benefit, each family will be required to fill out the necessary form from the AMS website and submit directly to AMS.  When completing the AMS form, please put a "?" in the required field for USA Swimming ID, and enter the code "PEAQ" in the required club code field.
Am I eligible for reduced meet entry fees?  Yes.  AMS will waive all meet event entry fees for athletes who meet thier eligibility requirements (typically $5/event at a meet).  Families will still be charged for the athlete surcharges where applicable (usually $5 for the meet) and for relays (usually $2/relay event).  PEAQ bills for meets on the first of every month, so you may or may not be charged up front and then reimbursed, depending on where in the billing cycle the meet falls.