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Practice Information


  • Tennis shoes - It is important to always bring tennis shoes to every practice for dryland training.
  • Practice suit - It is ideal to have at least two practice suits with you, especially in the event that one rips during practice. Do NOT wear your team suit to practices, as it will stretch and fade in color from constant use.
  • Goggles - These are to be worn by swimmers to enhance vision in the water and to protect the eyes from chlorine effects. At least two pairs of goggles are recommended to have on hand at all times - they do get lost and/or broken.
  • Towel - A thick, large beach towel is generally preferred by swimmers.
  • Kickboard, Pull Buoy, and Fins (what is required for your swim group)
  • Drink (optional) - Most swimmers prefer to have their own water bottle or Gatorade ready at the wall to drink in between sets, but there are water fountains to use on deck. 
  • Snack (optional) - Especially for swimmers coming to practice right after school, it is nice to have a quick bite to eat to get some energy into their body. Swimmers can eat their snack before stretching begins.


  • Coaches make each practice a worthwhile experience. A general practice structure features a dryland portion, a warmup set, a long technique set, and a cooldown. Coaches typically focus each practice on a certain stroke or technique, which can be a focus for days, weeks, or months. Starts, turns, and relays are frequently a part of each practice.


  • Coaches expect swimmers to participate fully in each practice, including the dryland portion.
  • It is important to remember that what one puts into a practice is what one ultimately gets out of it in the end. Active swimming in practice, tied with consistent attendance and a positive attitude, is truly the biggest factor in a swimmer's performance. This leads to a swimmer becoming a capable, determined, and proficient athlete.
  • Please be aware of practice schedules at all times.  Please arrive promptly to pick up your swimmer(s).  We must take into consideration that parents and coaches would like to get home.  However, circumstances do arise, and if anyone sees a swimmer waiting for a ride, please take notice and kindly stay with them until their transportation has arrived.  We strongly encourage parents to come into the pool to pick up their children for safety reasons and it will give you the opportunity to check the bulletin board and mailbox for an updates.
  • If you have a swimmer coming straight from the elementary school and has attended the Extended Day Service, PLEASE make arrangements that they have someone escort them over from the elementary school.  During the fall and winter season, darkness falls before practices start and we do not want swimmers walking over in the dark by themselves.  If you do not have anyone to do so, please ask one of the club parents.