Who's Who

PRA All Time Zone swimmers


Ariana Anderson D Free, Back, Free,

Connor Anderson Fly and IM

Ryan Anderson D Free, Back and IM

Sean Anderson D Free, Breast, IM

Taylor Barry Free

Katarina Braun Free and Back

Brittney Carmazzi Fly, Back, Free and IM

Brooke Carmazzi Breast, IM, Free, D Free and Back

Reagan Connelly IM Free 

Rliey Connelly Breast

Soren Cooper Free, Fly, 

Mila Cribs Back

Ben Dyer Breast and Free

Briana Emig D Free and Breast

Larsen Engberg Fly and D free

Francis Folz D Free

Mary Folz Free and Fly

Brandon Frazer D free and Back

Rylie Fry Back Free

Elizabeth Frye D Free

Chris Georgiadis   D Free and Fly

Maggie Gruber Fly Back and Free

Erica King Free, D Free and Back

Julia Kocsis Breast IM

Emily Kompare Breast

Kelsey Kubelick Breast and Free

Alyssa Lazar Fly

Andrew Lehman Free

Noah Loper D Free

Kristen Lusby Free and Fly

Sarah Lusby   Breast, Free

Reed McDonough Free

Melissa McGraw   Fly

Andrea McQueen Breast and Free

Caitlin Molloy Fly Free Breast and IM

Elizabeth Molloy D Free

Jack Muehlheuser Back and Free

Allison Murslack D Free and Fly

Brian Murslack D Free and Fly

Kristen Murslack D Free Breast and IM

Nathan Murslack Free and Breast

Siani Null Back and Free

Jaclyn Obman Breast and D Free

Lauren Palko Free

Julianna Pierri Fly and Free

Caroline Pizzella Breast

Gunner Raymer IM, Breast, Free and D Free

Summer Raymer D Free

Hunter Raymer IM, Back, Free and D Free

Mike Rhein D Free

Allie Sanzi D Free

Emily Schaefer Fly

Matt Schaefer  D Free, Free and Back

Alyssa Schonbachler Fly, Back, IM 

Ryan Schonbachler Back, Breast, Free, D Free and Fly

Johathan Schubert Fly

Eric Seifert Fly

Zoe Skirboll 

Diana Skoutelas Free

Megan Smith IM Free Breast

Anna Staresinic Free

Alex Steger Free Fly and IM

Corrine Talhouk Back D Free and Back

Matt Tobin Free

Tukker Uniatowski Breaststroke

Trent Vacula Breast

Raena Valli Breast, Free, Fly and IM

Lindsay Vrooman Free

Marc Williams Breast and D free

Shannon Wittig Free and Back


PRA All Time Sectional Swimmers

Mike Allada

Ryan Anderson

Sean Anderson

Rebecca Burgess

Brittney Carmazzi

Brooke Carmazzi

Cameron Clerici

Alexandra Davis

Franny Dean

Briana Emig

Larsen Engberg

Katie Ferdander

Mary Folz

Robert Francis

Jeff Gavin

Chris Georgidias

Maggie Gruber

​Andrew Ivory

Erica King

Kelsey Kubelick

​Makenna Laffey

Reed McDonough

Andrea McQueen

Alexis Mitcheltree

Ryan Mitcheltree

Caitlin Molloy

Jack Meuhlheuser

Kristen Murslack

Allison Murslack

Siani Null

Bria Otwell

​Brian Phipps

Jenna Richert

Allie Sanzi

​Emily Schaefer

Matt Schaefer

Ryan Schonbachler

​Kira Schwacha

Jonathon Schubert

Alex Steger

Eamon Trebilcock

Lindsay Vrooman

PRA Futures Swimmers

Bria Otwell Greensboro

Ryan Anderson Greensboro

Ryan Schonbachler Maryland

Brittney Carmazzi Richmond


PRA Junior National Swimmers

Eric Molitor SCY Indianapolis

Lindsay Vrooman SCY Columbus, SCY Austin

Matt Schaefer SCY Columbus,  SCY Austin, LCM Seattle, LCM Irivne, SCY Atlanta

Maggie Gruber SCY Columbus, LCM Seattle, LCM Irvine, SCY Atlanta, LCM Palo Alto

Kristen Murslack, SCY Atlanta, LCM Palo Alto

Robert Francis, LCM Palo Alto, SCY Austin

Alexis Mitcheltree, SCY Austin 

Katie Fernander, LCM Irvine, LCM San Antonio


PRA National /US Open Swimmers

Lindsay Vrooman SCY Atlanta, LCM Minneapolis, LCM Seattle, LCM Irvine

Maggie Gruber, SCY Columbus

Kristen Murslack, LCM Atlanta


PRA USA Open Water Nationals

Brianna Emig Ft Myers FLA

Lindsey Vrooman Ft Myers FLY, Seattle WA


PRA National Age Group Record Holders

Zoe Skirboll 10&U 50 Free SCY 24.90 03/2015

Zoe Skirboll 10&U 100 Free SCY 54.89 03/2015