Rules to Remember

Rules to Remember

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1. Facility Use

The use of Woodland Hills High School pool by WHAT is a privilege. We, the members of WHAT, are guests at the facility. As such, swimmers and parents should conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner.

2. Locker Rooms

Use of the locker rooms is a privilege. The use of these can be taken away from a swimmer for improper conduct in them.

a.   Under no circumstances is anyone permitted to use a device capable of recording pictures or videos in the locker room.
b.   Safe & respectful behavior is expected. Horseplay, bullying or other conduct not respectful to other swimmers may be grounds for suspending the use of the locker rooms by a swimmer or swimmers.
c.   Swimmers must respect the property of others. No swimmer should handle another swimmers property without permission from the owner.
d.   No wet swimmers are to enter the hallway or bleachers. This is a safety concern as the wet spots created by wet swimmers are possible hazards for
anyone in the hallway or bleachers. Swimmers must wear shoes when off of the pool deck.
e.   Swimmers are responsible for turning off showers after use.
f.    Swimmers must enter and exit the locker rooms via the pool deck, unless otherwise directed.

3. Pool Deck

a.   No running on the pool deck is permitted.
b.   Swimmers are responsible for maintaining the organization of workout equipment (kick boards, fins, etc.). Equipment bags may be stored in designated storage boxes.
c.   Parents are not permitted on the pool deck or in the locker room (there are few exceptions to this rule).

4. Other Items

a.   Spectator Area: there is to be no running or jumping in this area.
b.   Hallways: swimmers are not to run or otherwise loiter in the hallways.
c.   Parents are responsible for their children in the school facility.

5. Drop-Off & Pick-Up

We understand that "life happens" and sometimes your schedule makes it tough to be on time - that’s ok. We all do our best for our kids.

a.   Swimmers are to be dropped off at the practice facility no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of their practice.
b.   Swimmers are to be on deck, prepared to begin workout no later than 5 minutes before the start of their practice.
c.   Swimmers are permitted no more than 10 minutes locker room time at the conclusion of their practice.
d.   Swimmers rides are to be at the practice facility no later than the scheduled end of their practice.

The WHAT Coaching Staff thanks you.