Virtual Club Champs LC
WHAT 2017 LC Virtual Club Championship (VCC) Team
August 28, 2017
We have now posted the best WHAT LC VCC ever!!!
How can you become a member of the WHAT VCC Team?
  • Participation in meets! Swimmers ages 11 to 18 are eligible for the team.
  • Your participation counts!

What is our score and how are we ranked?

  • Score: 41,226 points
  • AMS Rank: 13 out of 50 clubs
  • Eastern Zone Rank: 256 out of over 700 clubs
  • National Rank: 1,064 out of almost 2,700 clubs
  • WHAT VCC History (LCM)

How is the team selected?

  • The VCC automatically ranks all USA Swimming member clubs based on swimmer performance. You can see how WHAT stacks up against others in AMS, the Easter Zone and even Nationally. The computer figures out the best possible event line up for your team.
  • All registered USA Swimming clubs are scored automatically. The USA Swimming Times DataBase (SWIMS) will be used in combination with the Hy-Tek Single-Year Age Group Power Point system. The program scores single age groups from 11-16 years old and has a combined 17-18 age group. After all eligible swims have been scored using the power point system, a team score for each registered USA Swimming club will be calculated. The tabulation will occur once every evening.
  • Click here for more details about the program.
Team Members
  1. Bernard, Colby
  2. Bernard, Lilly
  3. Brook, Channing
  4. Costello, Cecelia
  5. Costello, Maria
  6. Countouris, Benito
  7. Demkee, Aidan
  8. Demkee, Sarah
  9. Dering, Anna
  10. Dering, Gus
  11. DeVan-Bey, Allheim
  12. Fisher, Anna
  13. Gay, Lena
  14. Gitelman, Rachel
  15. Jamison, Noah
  16. LaRoche, Franny
  17. Laubscher, Mian
  18. Lintelman, Emma
  19. Lintelman, Michael
  20. Scheidlmeier, Sydney
  21. Shattuck, Violet
  22. Small, Robert
  23. Stratimirovic, Luka
  24. Stratimirovic, Stefan
  25. Winslow, Ben