AAU Swim Levels

Yellow Level 1 is for children ages 10 and under who are coming from swim lessons. It is designed for those who have never competed in swimming before, or those who still need help learning the technique fundamentals of the four basic strokes. This group focuses on building the proper swimming technique through practice of kicking and basic drills. 2 days/week. Cost $65.00/month + facility fee. This group will be assigned an AAU registration only.


Yellow Level 2 is for children of all ages and designed for those who have competed in swimming before and can properly swim all four strokes but still need help with improving their technique. This group focuses on continued stroke development and fundamental training concepts. Using advanced drills and the introduction of interval training, we strive to build a foundation of good swimming habits before moving on to endurance training. 3 days/week.  Cost $75/month + facility fee. This group will be assigned an AAU registration with the USA flex up membership. Swimmers will be strongly encouraged to attend 2 USA level swim meets.