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During the summer months most of our developmental and AAU swimmers participate in the AAU meets. Some athletes will do both USA meets and AAU Meets. They continue to practice and build on the skills they have developed as well as offer a fun easy environment for competitive swimming.   


AAU  Q & A :  What if my child’s friend wants to join? Our Summer League team is open to all kids as long as they have had some instruction in the four strokes and can complete a 25 freestyle and ½ a lap in each stroke. They may not have great technique but that is what we will be working on!  They may not be able to be in your child’s exact group depending on skill levels as we divide the swimmers into different groups though they workout at the same time.   How is billing affected (if you are already on the year round Dolphin Swim Team) during the summer league months? We will continue to bill you the same monthly fees as you have been paying. You do not have to do anything, your billing remains the same and your team unify account remains the same.  What about USS Meets? As far as meets go, we have some athletes that swim in USS meets as well as AAU meets, you are more than welcome to swim in both AAU Meets and USS meets this summer.  What if I swim for my neighborhood summer league team but want to train with Dolphins? We are fine with you training with us and competing for your neighborhood. It’s a great way for you to share all you have learned this year as well as recruit other swimmers into the program.



The Dolphin Stroke Technique camp has helped over a thousand children in the central Arkansas area learn proper technique for the four competitive strokes. Every year we pick a theme to create a fun camp atmosphere where learning about swimming is fun. We will teach the elements of each stroke, one per day covering the pull pattern, kick, recovery, breathing and tempo of each stroke.  This camp is great for the child that needs to brush up on their swimming skills before joining our swim team, swims in our developmental program,  or competes for their neighborhood team. Swimmers must be water safe and have had some swim instruction. 



This special RACING camp is for our Age Group Swimmers preparing for the championship season. We will review the secrets that we have learned from Olympians and National Coaches.  Starts, turns, power strokes, speed kicks, breakouts and finishes will be covered. We will also cover race strategies, mental preparation, meet readiness and racing skills.  Swimmers qualifying for State Championship will have priority in attending this camp.  Space is limited so register today. 


Though most children get the information and the practice drills they need in a training session, sometimes they will struggle with one or more skills or technique flaws.  Parents may ask their primary coach for a private lesson if the swimmer is struggling in a particular area. Please speak to your individual coach to schedule your lesson.