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Family Service Hour Commitment

Volunteer Job Descriptions and Point Values:
Family Commitment
2015-16 Season



  • Board Positions- Volunteer administrative positions to guide the club in the direction of the mission statement. (Points: 18)
  • Volunteer Administrator and Coordinator- A season long job working with the volunteer check in coordinator and timing coordinator. Records all earned service hour points into the  team website for family accounts. (Points: 18)
  • Team Sponsorship Lead- Procure advertisement sponsors and work with parents who find sponsors. Work to develop and organize team meet program and Swim Mania banner.  Experience a plus.  (Points: 18)
  • Team Sponsorship crew- Assist the sponsorship lead. Help write and deliver sponsor request letters. Follow up on them and write thank you letters. (6 Points)
  • Niska-Day Lead- Plan and organize events for annual community day. (6 Points)
  • Niska-Day Crew- Assist Niska-Day Lead. (3 Points)
  • Fundraiser Lead- Develop and organize a team fundraiser (such as car wash ticket sales, pancake breakfast, etc.). Work with team President and Treasurer to carry out fundraiser. (Points: 10)
  • Fundraisers Crew- Generate and implement ideas to raise money for the team throughout the year. Assist and work with Fundraiser Lead. (6 Points)
  • New Swimmer tryouts- Assist in running the event for new swimmers trying out for the team. Older current swimmers are encouraged to participate. (6 Points)
  • Publicity Lead – Identify and secure publicity options for the team. (6 Points)
  • Team Banquet Lead –Plan and organize the annual team banquet held in the spring after the championship meets have concluded. (Points: 10)
  • Team Banquet Committee – Assist as needed in banquet planning. (6 Points
  • Awards / Trophy Lead- Banquet committee responsibilities include organizing and distributing end of the year award. (6 Points)
  • Team Photographer/Videographer – Attend team functions and photograph or video swimmers during the events. Send selection of photos to webmaster (Coach) for posting on team website.  Work with other parents to provide end of the year slide show to be shown at the annual banquet. Some experience required. (6 Points)
  • Team Apparel Lead – Work with the head coach to find team apparel for swim meets, training trip or other events.  (6 Points)
  • Team Travel Coordinator – Work closely with head coach to organize hotel blocks for out of town swim meets. Disseminate the travel information to swimmers who qualify for the out of town meets. This position is for the entire season. Must be able to work on a timeline. (6 Points)
  • Championship Meets Poster Development – Schedule team time for posters to be made. Responsible for procuring poster materials and assembling swimmers to make the posters during the week prior to the championship meets. (6 Points)
  • Poster Crew – Assist at “psych party” prior to championship meets (3 points)
  • Stroke & Technique Clinics Coordinator – Secure location, work with coaches to schedule dates and times, and act as lifeguard for multiple swim clinics throughout the season
    (6 points)


SWIM MEET POSITIONS- Team-hosted meets require an incredible amount of volunteer effort in order to be successful. We ask at a minimum that each family sign up to work a job each day of the meet.


  • Meet Announcer- Announce swimmers during team hosted swim meets using the public address system. Also responsible for other announcements during the meet. Should be comfortable with public speaking and name pronunciation.  (3 Points/ shift)
  • Computer Operations Lead – Requires training and experience with meet computer operations. Requires season long planning with  meet director and committee. (Points: 18)
  • Computer Operator Assistant – Requires advanced training.  (6 Points/shift)
  • Computer Crew- Requires training (3 Points/shift)
  • Meet Director – Responsible for meet planning and organization, work with meet committee members over the entire swim season. (Points: 18)
  • Meet Safety Marshals – Monitor pool area for safety. (3 Points/shift)
  • Head Timer – Back up timer during team hosted swim meets. Confirm team lane assignments for other teams. (3 Points/shift)
  • Meet Program Book Design and Production- Requires graphics and computer experience. Work with Trophy meet committee prior to the meet. (Points: 10)
  • Meet set up crew- Arrive at home meets  ~ 3 hours before the start. Help set up tables, chairs, pool set up, PA system. Computer system, etc. (6 Points)
  • Meet breakdown crew – Responsible for break down of hosted meets. Return of all equipment that was moved for the meet. Help clean up pool facilities. (6 Points)
  • Officials- Training and certification required.  Requires an interest in the rules of competitive swimming. This is a season-long position. (6 Points/ meet session worked)
  • Crowd Control/Pool entrance/Event board- Keep exit path in hallway clear in accordance with fire safety regulation. Keep entry to pool clear and traffic moving. Update event board. (3 points/shift)
  • File folder box coordinator- Set up folders, organize, and keep track of family file folder boxes at Niskayuna HS (north site) and Ravena HS (south site). (6 points)
  • Awards/Ribbons Table- Coordinate the preparation of ribbons, affix labels (automatically prepared by the meet computer), file ribbons to appropriate teams. (3 Points/shift)
  • Awards - Hand out  Heat ribbons or “prizes” during meet for specific heats. (3 points/shift)
  • Concession Lead- Organize and run the team concession tables at all team hosted meets. Work with meet director throughout the season.(Points: 18)
  • Concession Shift Captains- Work in the concessions area during the meet to train and organize parent volunteers in the needed roles. Must have some concession experience. (6 Points/shift)
  • Concession Crew- No experience necessary. Help to prepare and sell concession food as needed. (3 Points/shift)
  • Concession Grill or Griddle Captain-Must be comfortable preparing heated food items. (3 Points/shift)
  • Concession Shoppers- Responsible for purchasing and delivering concession supplies and working closely with the concession lead prior to the meet.(3 Points)
  • Floater – Available for miscellaneous assignments during team hosted meets. Willing to be flexible a plus. No experience necessary. Other job slots must be filled first.(3 points/shift)
  • Runner – Transport papers to designated locations. Must be willing to be active during the meet. (3 Points/shift)
  • Positive Check-in Table – Check in swimmers as they show up for the meet. (3 Points)
  • Program Sales- Sell programs and heat sheets at the start of each meet session. (3 Points)
  • Volunteer Check-in Coordinator – responsible for checking in volunteers at team hosted swim meets for their work assignments, handing out name tags. Experience a plus.  (6 Points per meet session)
  • First Aid Station- Provide first aid and medical attention as needed during the meet. Must be a medical professional ( 6 points/meet session)
  • Cash Handler – Assist Treasurer with collecting cash from concession and program sales stations. (3 points/shift)
  • Concession Beverage Delivery coordinator – Assist concession lead with scheduling beverage delivery to meet site. (3 points)
  • Concession- Mission delivery – Take perishable food after the meet (Sunday evening) to city shelter in Albany or Troy. Requires a vehicle (3 points)
  • Concession- Recycling Returns- Collect and turn in bagged recyclables for funds. Provide cash receipts to Treasurer. (3 points)
  • Concession Storage Jockey- Work with concession lead to store and retrieve concession supplies during the season. Must have available space at home for equipment. (10 points)
  • Concession – Till operator – Work at cash box at the concession station. Requires making change and easy math. (3 points/shift)
  • Concession – Set up – Set up concession station prior to the meet . (3 points)
  • Concession- Breakdown –Breakdown concession station at the conclusion of the meet. (3 points)



  • Timing Coordinator – Organizes the timers for each away meet. Responsible for scheduling timers and communicating timing assignments. This is a season long position and experience is helpful. (Points: 18)
  • Timer Check in - At away meets, this person confirms with timers on their assignment.  (2 Points)
  • Timer- 1 to 2 hour shift.  We ask that all families with swimmers attending an away meet sign up to time. We will do our best to assign timing in an equal manner. (1 Point)



  • Swim Mania Swim-a-Thon Lead – Responsible for organizing the annual fundraiser. Provide information to swimmers and families. Work closely with a team of additional volunteers. Past experience a plus.(Points: 18)
  • Swim Mania Crew – Multiple positions available. Must be available for the day of the event and additional pre-planning meetings.  (6 Points)
  • Swim Mania Donation Table Crew - Collect donations and work with the Treasurer in recording donations the day of the event. (3 Points)