Registration Q&A

2016-17 Short Course Registration FAQ

1.      How do returning swimmers register this year?

To register you will complete the following steps at

  • Register one or more swimmers via the web site.

  • Read and agree to the Medical Waiver, Liability Waiver and Volunteer Commitment forms

  • Pay the registration fee via check, Visa or Mastercard.  Note: if you pay by credit card we will charge you an additional $25 to cover the credit card fee the team has to pay.

  • Questions? Please call:

2.      What group does my child swim in?  

Your swimmer is in the same group as last session unless our head coach, Doug Gross, has told you otherwise. If you are a new swimmer, Doug will let you know what group you should register your child in after evaluations.

3.     What are the fees for the 2016-17 Short Course?

Group 1 $480
Group 2 $610
Group 3 $680
Group 4 $750
Senior $750

All swimmers also have to pay the annual USA Registration fee of $75.

4.        Are discounts available?

We are not offering discounts at this time. If you need to make any special payment arrangements please contact our treasurer at

5.        Is there a Late Fee? 

Yes, any registration and/or payment after September 11, 2017 from a returning swimmer will be charged a $25 Late fee.

6.        How does a NEW swimmer register?

Please contact head coach Doug Gross at or (518) 369-9733 to set up a time for an evaluation.

7.       What credit cards are accepted? What about Debit cards?

For registration we accept checks, Visa or Mastercard and yes, Visa or MC Debit Cards are also accepted.

8.     Do you accept automatic withdrawals from a bank account (e.g. ACH)?

Not for registration, but for subsequent charges such as meet entry fees we do accept automatic withdrawals from your banking account.

9.       What is the Refund policy?

A. Within the first 3 weeks of the practice season

Any requests for refunds made within the first 3 weeks of the practice season will be reviewed by the Finance Committee on a case-by-case basis. The request should be made to the Treasurer of the Club, and the following general guidelines have been established:

Club registration fees. If a swimmer is injured or determines he/she does not want to continue within three (3) weeks after the commencement of the squad’s practice season, the Finance Committee will consider a refund of the Club registration fees. However USA fees cannot be refunded.

B. After the first 3 weeks of the practice season

The Delmar Dolfins Swim Club has found it necessary to establish a firm NO REFUND POLICY concerning annual swimming dues and registration fees for swimmers who have registered with our club and have requested a refund after the first 3 weeks of the practice season. Our financial commitments involve annual contracts based on swimmer registrations. Delmar Dolfins Swim Club is obligated to fulfill these contracts regardless of the number of swimmers we have in the water at any time.

We understand many of our swimmers will experience, at some time during the season, illness, injury, overcommitment, decreased interest or problems that may take them out of the water. While we regret these problems, NO REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEE AND/OR DUES can be made for swimmers who are out of the water.

C. Meet Fee Refunds

Once a swimmer has been entered in a meet, the meet fees are due and no refunds can be made. The Club has a responsibility to pay those meet fees to the host club on a timely basis.

10.      How does one pay for meet fees?

Like in years prior, meet registration & payment will be completed online. Your selected credit card or checking account information remains on file for these charges. You can also pay by providing a check to the treasurer.

New members will receive an email with information how to set up an account with automatic charge/withdrawals to your credit card or banking account (ACH).

On the first of each month any fees incurred in the previous month will be charged to your credit card or banking account.

12. Are there any restrictions placed on overdue accounts?

Yes. Accounts with balances in excess of 60 days will be placed on restriction and therefore not be able to sign up for future swim meets, until the outstanding balance is payed off or payment arrangements have been made. For more information contact our treasurers at

11.      Can I pre-pay meet fees?

Yes, you can send a check to the Treasurer and that amount will be credited to your account. We still, however, ask that you set up a credit card or banking account automatic withdrawal.

12.     How do I change my password for the Delmar Dolfins web site?

After logging in, click on the Psword link at middle of the very top of the Home Page. Note: the Change password opens up in a new window with instructions  on how to set new or reset an old password.