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Aquakids Group Requirements

Requirements for membership in the various training groups are based on ability, age, speed, maturity, attitude, toughness in practices, and *commitment level. The coaching staff is responsible for placement into the appropriate group. Swimmers move to the next group when coaches determine that they have met the requirements. All changes between groups are discussed among coaching staff and finalized by the Head Coach.
Swimmer’s parents will be notified by a member of the coaching staff prior to swimmer moving from one group to another.

***The requirements listed below are just the minimum in order to be considered to be moved up. Making the minimum requirements does not automatically move the swimmer up to the next level. There are some other things to be taking into consideration like: practice and meet attendance, level of commitment and willingness to excel towards higher goals.  However, we only have a limited number of swimmers per each group due to the pool space. In order to offer our kids the best opportunity to benefit from the practice, we can only have 7 or 8 kids per lane. The Black group has only 4 lanes per practice, so that is why these groups are limited only to 36 kids. The Senior group is limited to 28 swimmers.

The coaches are always watching to see who would be ready to move up. Each group is getting evaluated towards the end of each season. The move-up process takes place at the beginning of the season. For the fall season, the move-ups will be announced end the end of August, and for the spring season at the end of April  after the conclusion of the tryouts.

Orange Group
Minimum of 5 years old
Swim 25 yards Freestyle and Backstroke
Attend at least one of two practices per week
Equipment: Have a suit, goggles and swim cap (females) Cap for males is optional
Test sets for developmental group:        -200 IM for time
                                                                          -20x25 Kick on :40
                                                       -5x50 Free fast on 2:00
                                                       -4x50 Back fast on 2:00
                                                       -3x100 Free on 4:00
Black Group
Minimum age is 10 years old
Swim the 100s of each stroke, 200 Free, 200 IM and 500 Free legally in a meet
Minimum of 4 practices expected per week during peak training
Understands the concept of Intervals,  Drills and Test Sets
Meet attendance expected (Especially our home meets)
Has a high level of commitment (good attendance and meet participation) 
Has demonstrated a willingness to excel towards higher goals ("BB" motivational standards, state cuts, Zones Cuts, Pro-Am cuts)
Equipment requirements: fins and paddles- mandatory,  dragsuit- optional
Test sets for black group:               -2000 Free for time
                                               - 5x200 IM on 5:00
                                               - 4x400 Free on 7:00
                                               - 5x200 Best stroke fast on 5:00
                                               - 6x300 Free on 5:30 (pace work)
                                               - 10x100 Best stroke on 2:15
Senior Group and Pre-Senior Group
Pre-Senior - We created this group for the purpose of giving the opportunity to the young talented swimmers to excel and pursue higher standards. Besides having more training time and harder work-outs, this group will also help the kids’ transition to the senior group become much easier. It will be made up of swimmers with ages between 11 and 14, and with times that qualify for PRO-AM or Sectionals. As a part of the Pre-Senior Group, swimmers are expected to have a higher level of commitment, and therefore are required to participate at the State Championship Meets. Attending more than 85% of practices is also expected.
Senior- Minimum age is 13 years old
Swim all four competitive strokes legally with good stroke mechanics
Minimum of 6 practices expected per week during peak training
Understands the importance of Drill and Test Sets
Has Qualifying times for Pro-AM or Sectionals
State Championship Meets attendance is required 
Has a high level of commitment (85% attendance and meet participation is required)
Has demonstrated a willingness to excel towards higher standards (State cuts, Pro-Am cuts, Sectional cuts, Junior Nationals Cuts)
Equipment requirements: fins, paddles, and drag suit - mandatory, snorkel- optional

Senior Group Philosophy:

​The Senior Group is all about being fully committed to the sport of swimming!

Athletes in this group will be held to the highest standard of excellence at all times and all athletes realize that merely showing up to practice is not enough. The amount of effort given within each practice is as important as showing up. Athletes will attend every meet recommended possible and attend every practice possible. Once in the Senior Group athletes must maintain a 85% practice attendance as well as show the highest level of dedication and commitment to the sport of competitive swimming.

Any athlete unable to maintain or strive towards the above objectives for the Senior Group, may be moved into another squad at any time, at the coach’s discretion. The Senior Group will be held to the highest standard, as this group is the most visible and elite group of Aquakids. Athletes who are willing to commit to this level of training are in this sport to be serious about their swimming. 

Test sets for Pre-Senior and Senior groups:                 - 3000 Free for time
                                                                                           - 6x400 Free on 6:00
                                                                                           - 9x300 Free on 5:00 (pace work)
                                                                                           - 20x100 Free 1:30 (pace work)
                                                                      - 40x25 Fly :30 
                                                                                           - 5x200 Best Stroke on 5:00
                                                                                           - 10x100 Best Stroke on 1:50
                                                                                           - 4000 IM for time
*The coaching staff regards practice and meet attendance as an indication of commitment. Peak Training will occur when the coaching staff starts offering morning practices during our Fall-Winter Schedule. This pertains to the Senior Groups.
**Group test set days are determined by the coach. ^The send-offs will get faster as the season progresses.