Why does MSST have a fundraising obligation?  The fact is that our monthly swimmer dues don’t even cover our coach’s salaries.  Fundraising is essential to cover our operating costs while keeping dues down to ensure that the team is accessible to all.  Fundraising helps bridge the gap between the team’s expenses and dues revenue as well as allow us to provide additional programs to support swimmers.  We have adopted a fundraising policy to help establish consistent and reliable ways to meet the team’s financial obligations while keeping each family’s obligation flexible and fair.  Families can either pay their fundraising requirement outright or take advantage of fundraising opportunities organized by the team.  The 2015/16 fundraising obligation is $300/family (one swimmer) or $450/family (multiple swimmers).

Team Sponsored Fundraising Activities:

  • Spring Swim-a-thon:  The Swim-a-thon is our largest fundraiser in which participants earn money for our team by swimming lengths of the pool.  Swimmers will have a two-hour period to swim a maximum of 100 laps or 200 lengths (one lap = two lengths or 50 yards).  Participants get pledges, either per length or a flat amount.  Pledges can be checks (to MSST), cash donations, or online at our team website. Most families meet their fundraising obligation through this fundraiser. 
  • Sponsorships:  We encourage families to seek out sponsorships from local businesses.  Sponsors are provided recognition of their support of our team at the pool, on our website, and at every meet hosted by MSST.  More information on sponsorship can be found by opening:  MSST Sponsorship Package.
  • Fall Coffee Sales:  Every fall the team sells North Pole Coffee as a fundraiser for the team.  This fundraiser is timed so that the coffee is available for Christmas.

Benefits of Fundraising:

In addition to closing the gap between the team’s expenses and dues revenue, fundraising helps the team provide the following programs.

Financial Aid: This program is intended to support swimmer families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Multi-swimmer Family Discount:  As a team, we recognize the financial commitment and financial burden swimming can be for families with multiple swimmers in the pool.  In recognition of this commitment, we offer reduced dues for families with multiple swimmers in the pool.  This discount is only available as long as fundraising fully covers the teams operating costs.

Championship Meet Travel Fund:  It is the goal of our team to successfully grow our swimmers so that they can compete in Championship Meets both in Alaska and nationally.  To this end, the team will provide travel assistance to families that qualify for these meets.  These meets include the following:

  • Senior Great Alaska Open
  • Alaska Age Group Championships
  • Alaska Junior Olympics
  • Western Region Senior Sectional
  • Northwest Age Group Championship. 

Travel assistance is only available as long as fundraising fully covers the teams operating costs.