General Questions

General Swim Team Questions          

Who can answer my questions about the swim team?

Hopefully, most of your questions can be answered here. If not, contact our Coaches, Swim Team President, Board Members or Parent Mentor. Most of these individuals can be found at the pool during and/or directly after practice hours.

Who manages MSST?

An unpaid board of directors consisting of swimmers’ parents manages MSST. The board hires the team's head coach, assistant coaches and takes care of the administration of the team.  The actions of the MSST Board are governed by the team Bylaws (amended September 2016) [PDF].

My child knows how to swim, but is not experienced as a competitive swimmer. Is MSST right for him/her?

We believe so. MSST is committed to teaching and developing talent and good technique in every swimmer, no matter what the starting point.

My child cannot swim currently. What can MSST do to help?

MSST requires swimmers to be water-safe and to be able to swim non-stop across the pool without assistance. You may find swimming lessons a more appropriate first step. Once you feel your swimmer is ready, you may contact the coaching staff for a try-out.

What swimming strokes does my child need to know to join the team?

If your child is 5 to 18 and can swim a length of the pool, then they should contact the coach about evaluating them. Younger children do not necessarily have to be proficient in, for example, the breast stroke or butterfly in order to participate, but we suggest these strokes be taught to your child in a formal swim lessons class, such as Hamme Pool’s swim lessons (Level 3 and up).

Does my child need to wear the team swim suit during practice? During a meet? What brand and where do I buy it? Are there any additional pieces of equipment the swimmer needs?

Not during practice. In fact, to reduce wear-and-tear, the swim team suit should only be worn during meets. Team suits and practice suits can be bought through our swim shop, as well as on our team web site, Team Unify (see below). You can always contact MSST's Swim Shop Coordinator for more information. If you purchase via Team Unify, be sure to sign in to your account to ensure you get the appropriate team discount. For practice, swimmers should have a suit, goggles, swim cap and a water bottle. It is also recommended to purchase a lock to secure the swimmer's belongings in their locker during practices.

Does my child need a "tech suit" for swim meets?

In general, NO. The majority of swimmers will become faster by learning better stroke technique. A "tech suit" (AKA knee-skin) is best used by swimmers who's technique makes them very efficient in the water. It is not recommended that swimmers wear these suits for general-season meets, when it is important that we present ourselves as one, uniform team. Tech suits wear out quickly and are best used when a swimmer is very close to making a time-cut for a championship meet, or for State-level meets.

Is there additional merchandise for purchase?

A variety of additional merchandise is available for purchase ranging from goggles, team and practice suits, as well as team shirts and other team equipment. These items are very competitively priced, often less expensive and better quality than you would find at Walmart, Beaver Sports, or Play It Again. Additional items can be obtained through the team’s website, Again, make sure to sign in to your account to get a team discount.

What are the monthly / yearly fees associated with MSST?

Yearly fees consist of registering your swimmer as an Athlete of USA Swimming. This currently has an annual cost of $74 for each calendar year. However, the registration drive usually begins in September, and swimmers registering between September 1 and December 31 are registering through December 31 of the following year. Swimmers registering after  May 1 may register as a Seasonal Athlete, but must register for the following year in September. Seasonal Athlete registration currently is $40.

MSST monthly dues are dependent upon the group your swimmer is practicing with. Therefore, first time registrants must pay the MSST dues and the USA Swimming registration. For more detailed descriptions of the groups see below in practices. The MSST dues by group are as follows:


MSST Dues Structure



Novice I

Novice II

Novice III

Age Group







This practice group is unavailable at this time.

1 hour

2 times a week

Plus 1 hour Saturday

1 hour

3 times a week

Plus 1 hour Saturday

1.5 hours

5 times a week

Plus 2 hours Saturday

1.5 hours

5 times a week

Plus 2 hours Saturday

2 hours

5 times a week

Plus 2 hours Saturday

Flexible Schedule


$5 per swim











Novice I

These are swimmers building the required skills or stamina prior to becoming a Novice II swimmer.

Novice I swimmers may not enter swim meets.

 Maintenance Rate

Midnight Sun Swim Team members may be billed at a reduced rate when on the swim team in a non- swimming status.

Maintenance rate is $25 per month for a maximum of three months per year. 

Senior Maintenance is utilized by swimmers who also swim on a school team and is in addition to the three-month limitation of the Maintenance rate.

Swimmers may swim Saturdays and/or mornings while on Senior Maintenance.

College Swimmers

When enrolled at a university and swimming on that university’s swim team, Midnight Sun Swim Team members may be billed at a reduced rate.

This rate shall be $25 a month for June, July, and August and no monthly dues September through May.

The swimmer must be registered with Midnight Sun Swim Team and USA Swimming.

The treasurer must be notified when the swimmer is swimming for a university swim team for this reduced rate to be in effect.

 Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for those swimmers with financial need and may cover a portion or full monthly dues or registration fees.

A Financial Aid Application must be submitted to Midnight Sun Swim Team Board of Directors.

Rejoin Fee

Midnight Sun Swim Team members who choose to depart the team may be charged a $75   Rejoin Fee if they decide to return to the team at a later date.

This fee is in addition to regular monthly team dues. 

Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances may be granted by the Midnight Sun Swim Team Board of Directors on a case by case basis.

Delinquent Accounts

Midnight Sun Swim Team members who have account balances delinquent by more than three months will not be allowed to continue swimming.

The account must be brought current or arrangements made to bring the account current prior to the swimmer returning the pool. Meet entries will not be accepted from swimmers with account balances delinquent by more than two months.

 Swim Status and Billing

Midnight Sun Swim Team members must notify the Treasurer, in writing, of non-swimming status before being charged the Maintenance rate or termination of billing.

The swimmer will continue to be billed at the regular rate until the Treasurer has been notified in writing, and is responsible for billing account balance.


There is a mandatory fundraising requirement of $300/family (one swimmer) or $450/family (multiple swimmers).This can be satisfied by participation in the Swim-a-thon, obtaining sponsors, or other fundraising activities. Special rates apply to families with more than one swimmer.

How are monthly dues paid?

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a statement from MSST by email. There are several ways to pay your dues in a timely manner. You may pay online via credit card, place a check in the Treasurer’s folder in our file bin, you can give it directly to the assistant treasurer, or you can mail it into MSST at the following address:

Midnight Sun Swim Team, PO Box 83625,
Fairbanks, AK 99708

Please contact the treasurer ( if you have any questions.

Do I pay each month or can I prepay several months in advance?

It is only required to pay the amount on your statement every month. However, if you find that paying for a few months in advance is better for your budgeting, we will happily run a credited balance for you on your statements.

What if my child has an injury or a prolonged illness that keeps them from swimming? What if we want to take the summer off?

In either case a Maintenance Period would allow your swimmer to remain on the team.

What kind of pool is Hamme?

Hamme Pool is set up to accommodate 6 lanes, with lengths of 25 meters (running N to S) and 25 yards (E to W).