Video Logs


Video Log

Every other month we post a video log to our membership. This is a fun interactive way that we keep all of our membership abreast of all the inns and outs that you don't get to see from day to day. In these video logs we cover all sorts of information to our members, as well as useful info-bits for you and your swimmer. Click on the links and have a look at some of our video logs, don't forget to subscribe to our account:

Video Log 1 Introduction of the video logs Kevin Zacher
Video Log 2 Introduction of our dry land program Kevin Zacher & JR Rosania
Video Log 3 Sit Down with Darian Townsend Darian Townsend 
Video Log 4 Talking Back Stroke with Maryanne Kevin Zacher & Maryanne Graham-keever
Video Log 5 Sit down with our committed Senior Classman Kevin Zacher & SAC Seniors 2015
Video Log 6 Scenes from our annual Swim-A-Thon  
Video Log 7  Timelapse of our Thanksgiving workout  
Video Log 8 Talking dry land at SAC Kevin Zacher & JR Rosania
Video Log 9 A little behind the scenes of our awesome Fall season  
Video Log 10 Highlighting our program & what we do behind the scenes Kevin Zacher & SAC Staff
SAC Fall Hype Video Fall 2015-2016 Hype Video  SAC Swimmers 
Video Log 11 Highlighting our programs success from the summer and a little of what we are working on behind the scenes at SAC. We also have a little Q & A with Olympian Taylor Ruck Kevin Zacher & Taylor Ruck
Video Log 12 Sit down with our committed Senior Classman SAC Swimmers
Video Log 12 v2 Sit down with our committed Senior Classman SAC Swimmers
Hype Video Summer 2017 Hype Video SAC Swimmers