Service Hours



            The success of SAC is dependent on the participation of all parents. We host several meets each year as well as social events, all of which necessitate many hours of work.  We have a Family Participation Program requiring parents to take an active role in their child’s swimming which means each family will be responsible for the operation of our swim club. WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE! 
          The family participation program is based on hours.  Both sign up for jobs and tracking of hours is done through our website.
            SAC has two levels of required participation based on the practice group of your swimmer. If you have more than one swimmer on the team then the Family Participation requirement is based on the swimmer who is in the group with the higher hour requirement:
  •  Silver, Gold, Seniors, Pre Seniors,Pre Nat., Power & Nat. Groups                             30 hours per family
  • Red, White, Blue, Bronze, High School Dev. Groups                                                    20 hours per family
  • Single parent families 1/2 the above based on swimmers’ group                                        

     The Family Participation Program year runs from Sept. 1 to August 31 and the billing rate is $33 per hour for any time “owed” to the team as of August 31.  Unearned parent participation hours are billed August 31st each year.  However, if you fulfill the hours requirement then no additional dollars are “owed” to the team. Also,excess hours are not carried over to the following year. Hours are earned via jobs for helping with club operations, club support, and swim meet operations. For swim meet operations, hours credited are for home meets only unless we create timing jobs for away meets. Parents are expected to help with timing, officiating, and general swim meet operations at home meets. 

    Furthermore, parents may need to help at home meets in which their child is not competing in order to fulfill their obligation. We are a team and we all need to work together to provide opportunities for all the swimmers. Job opportunities to earn hours are advertised in our weekly update on the SAC website or through emails and sign-ups are only through the website.

Specifically, there are two ways to earn your Family Participation hours. The first is to sign up for jobs that are necessary to run a swim meet. Job opportunities for home swim meets are advertised on the team website prior to the beginning of each meet. A description of these jobs is provided below. Every job that involves running a swim meet is accompanied by a time hour credit. Time credits for swim meet jobs vary according to the size and duration of the level of swim meet. When you log into the website and click on the event/meet you are interested in, the job opportunities will be listed for the meet as well as the time hour credit.
    For example, the time credits for Splash Meets which are intra-squad, short in duration, and require a smaller number of participants will be less than the time credits for the Cactus Classic which is SAC’s premier Memorial Day Meet that runs over 4 days, is attended by numerous teams, and requires a multitude of helpers. If a meet runs ± 30 minutes shorter or longer than the posted hour credit, credit will still be for the posted period. Should a meet run excessively long, then a larger adjustment will be made at that time. Check the website for specifics at the time of the meet. 
     SAC attempts to predict the duration of each swim session based on past experiences. Therefore, the hours posted on the website for the jobs should reflect the actual time that will be necessary for helping. Since the job sign up is created in advance of the meet entries coming in, please check back on the sign up page a couple of days before the meet as the job times may have been adjusted once the actual timeline is created. Note: Parents will not receive a time credit for timing their child in a distance event longer than 400 Meters since those events require a swimmer to provide their own timer and lap counter. 
    The second way to earn Family Participation  hours is to sign up for jobs contributing to club operations and support. Many of the positions require a year-long commitment or are time intensive. These positions include Swim-A-Thon Chairperson, Hospitality Coordinator, Concessions Coordinator, Swimmer 6 Coordinator, and Spring Banquet Chairperson as well as other positions. If you sign up for one of the year-long, annual positions, it is very likely that you will meet your family participation requirements. Other positions that support these main positions are also credited at an hourly rate. For example, a Banquet Assistant is credited at an hourly rate as are Special Events helpers, Swim-a-thon helpers, etc. Look for emails from the office advertising these jobs. 
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Board members (email addresses on the website) or Judy in the SAC Office.  As noted above, the success of SAC is dependent on the participation of all parents.  We really need parents’ time and efforts. We do not want people to “owe” time at the end of August when there are so many opportunities for everyone to benefit from parental involvement. WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE!