College Recruiting Process



Welcome to the SAC College Recruiting page. Here you can find useful information for parents and swimmers about the college recruiting process.

We estimate that most of the swimmers in our program will end up continuing their education after high school at a college or university. The process of selecting the right school for each individual can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help the swimmers/families through this process to find the right school for each of our athletes. Many will choose to continue their swimming career at the college/university level, but some may not. Regardless of whether they will be swimming, the program we have to help swimmers select the right place to go to school is still helpful.

At SAC, we help this process in several ways. The first is via parent and swimmer seminars to educate everyone on the overall process. Secondly, during the school year, we hold regular recruiting workshops for the swimmers to help them along the process of selecting the right school for them. Lastly, the coaching staff has many connections with college coaches and swimming programs around the country; we can leverage those relationships to help swimmers get in contact with schools/teams that would be a good fit for them.

The Parent/Swimmer Recruiting Seminar generally takes place during the fall, towards the end of high school swimming season. We usually hold two seminars, one for swimmers who are in 10th grade and older; the second for swimmers in 8th and 9th grades. The seminar will help guide our athletes/parents in the next steps to take. 

We follow up after the Parent/Swimmer Seminar with regular Recruiting Workshops for swimmers in 10th and 11th grades. These take place 6-7 times during the school year and involve discussions on the things important to the swimmers when selecting colleges/universities to consider (location, size of school, big vs small, level of swimming, academic programs offered, financial considerations, etc). They also discuss how the recruiting process works in more detail and how to handle communication with college/university coaches. Swimmers who go through these workshops are well prepared to make the best choice for them.

For those parents of younger swimmers, we know that college feels like it is still a long way off, but it comes faster than you think. We want to help our families understand how the college selection process works (as well as the recruiting process) so you can get out in front of it and start having some general discussions within your family about that next step for your kids. Some of you may not be sure your children will be swimming in college; regardless of that, I imagine that most will most likely go to college/university after graduating from high school. The seminars will be helpful regardless of whether it is about swimming in college or not. Many of the themes/ideas discussed will be applicable to everyone going through the college process regardless of whether or not they will be swimming at that level.

Many parents wonder "will my child be able to swim in college? Will he/she be fast enough?" The simple answer to that is yes; if your child wants to swim in college, there are programs for every level of swimmer. Over the past 15 years at SAC, every swimmer who has come through the program (regardless of the level or training group they are in) that has wanted to swim in college has found a place to do so. Some on scholarship/financial assistance, some not.

We want to help our membership through this process and it really never is too early to start thinking about college.