SAC Annual Dues
SAC is a year-round program with year-round commitments to our coaching staff.  SAC families are making an annual financial commitment with their dues (swimming year from Sept 1st to August 31st).  In order to maintain our club's operations, we expect that SAC families continue to pay their dues on a monthly basis in order to maintain their position on our team.  

The Scottsdale Aquatics Club Board of Directors has approved a new annual membership policy (reference March 2013 SAC Board of Directors minutes). 

The previous policy of allowing members to take an extended leave at a reduced monthly rate (e.g. summer vacation, high school swim season) and allowing the swimmer to return to the same training group has been rescinded. 

Scottsdale Aquatics Club has an annual membership with dues that are paid over a 12 month period.  If a member chooses to leave

  •  All unpaid volunteer hours must be reconciled
  •  All fundraising must be reconciled
  •  Upon return a member will re-register and tryout for a training group                      

This policy is effective immediately.

Training Group

Yearly Dues

Monthly Payment










Pre-Senior/High School Development
















*Families that live outside the City of Scottsdale will be charged a $7.50 non-resident fee monthly (per family)

Discounts:  5% discount for 2nd swimmer, 10% discount for 3rd swimmer and 15% for 4th swimmer or family cap of $400.00 per month. 

Team fees are structured to contribute to the operating expenses of our club. The fees are structured as yearly dues divided into monthly amounts for billing purposes. Refunds are made only in case of injury that prevents a swimmer from swimming. 

Late Payments: Dues are payable the 1st of each month. Reminder letters will be sent the 16th of each month to families with outstanding dues and a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed. If fees are not current by the 1st of the next month, swimmers will be suspended from all meets until dues have been paid. Dues outstanding after 45 days will result in swimmers being removed from practice as well. 

Families are electronically invoiced on the 26th of month prior to the month dues are payable. Mandatory method of payment is by ACH or credit card, set up automatically through our website. 

Note, fundraising is billed quarterly and unearned parent participation hours are billed August 31st each year.


 Scottsdale Aquatic Club
P.O. Box 12021
Scottsdale, AZ 85267

SAC does not want swimmers to drop out of the team because of their family is unable to meet all of their team fees. Scholarship assistance is available and cases are considered individually by the Head Coach. Communication is key! Let Courtney know in the office if you are unable to make your payment on time.