Group Structure

Scottsdale Aquatic Club offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Program Description - SAC Group Structure

The group structure is aimed at providing the best opportunities for ALL of our athletes to grow and improve as well as allow them to practice in groups with peers that are of the same relative age, maturity and ability levels. Coaches will place your child in the most appropriate group to when you join SAC.  They want your child to feel successful in their group and in their swimming skills.  As a club, we are dedicated to giving our swimmers the best opportunity for achieving their potential and swimming at the highest level. This same philosophy will be used in determining group placement. We believe that as swimmers progress through the program, the motivation to move to the next group will make ALL the groups stronger. As this occurs, swimmers in every group will be pushed to new heights.

Placement in a practice group is not guaranteed for an entire season. If a swimmer is failing to fulfill his/her obligation to the group, he/she may be assigned to a different training group and his/her spot may be filled by the next swimmer in line based on the group criteria. Group placements will be determined twice during the year; after each season: August, after Summer; April, after Winter/Spring. Following each season, the swimmers will be ranked according to the above criteria and placed into groups.

Practice Level Criteria (Click here)

As our team continues to grow and gets stronger, we have put in place more defined criteria for swimmers in each group. This will ensure that swimmers will be training in a homogenous group and each swimmer will be training at the level best suited to their ability and commitment to swimming. This criteria will be used when placing swimmers into practice groups.