Parent Volunteering

ATST is a parent-run organization. We are not run by Leisure Services and Supplemental Education (LSSE) of Amherst. The board of directors consists of swimmers' parents. In order for a swim meet to take place, a home meet takes up to 45 volunteers to run the meet.

This season, Parents/Guardians are expected to volunteer for 3 jobs per family throughout the dual meet season. This does not include the Rec championship meet.

Parents of new swimmers can team up with a buddy for one of the first meets if they feel uncomfortable, but most of the jobs are fairly easy and require little training. 

Below is a list of some of the jobs that must be filled for each meet.

  • Starter: This requires previous experience or special training. For home meets, this person announces each event and starts each event.

  • Timer: This is the job that requires the most number of volunteers. At each meet, you will be given a stop watch and directions on how to use it. Generally, we need 6-8 timers at a time.

  • Back-Up Timer: This timer starts the watch at the beginning of each race and records time for any person who has a mishap with timing the particular lane assigned to them.

  • Stroke and Turn Judge: Each team is expected to supply two judges per meet. This person is responsible for making sure strokes and turns are done legally. Training sessions are usually held by the league at the beginning of each season. 

  • Bullpen Monitor: These people help line up the swimmers in the correct order for their events. They also monitor behavior on deck and make sure the kids know what event they are swimming and what lane they are swimming in.

  • Computer Operator: Operate the computer software that interfaces with the touchpads, and the computer that contains meet entries and scores the meet. 2-4 volunteers required per meet. Position requires previous experience or training.

  • Runner: This person collects all timer sheets and stroke and turn cards and bring to the scoring table throughout the meet.

  • Food Table Helper: For home meets, these people help set up the food table, sell food, and pack up the food table at the end of meet.

Please understand that a swim meet can not be run efficiently or in a timely manner without the support of volunteers. It is also important to realize that if ALL parents and families contribute even a small amount of their time and energy volunteering at meets then more often then not this will provide even more free time to sit and watch your swimmers compete. 

It is always appreciated when certain families and individuals go above and beyond to help out and provide their time at each and every meet, but this should not have to be the expectation. Please be considerate of this and if any of the ATST coaches approaches you before or during a meet requesting some help during a swim meet, your support with this is extremely grateful. 

For USA sanctioned swim meets not hosted by ATST, the host team will often require a certain number of parent volunteers and timers for each meet session. This number is dependent on the size of the meet and the number of ATST swimmers participating. Failure for a team to provide timers can sometimes lead to future meet participation being jeopardized. 

Any questions, comments or concerns regarding volunteering requirements, please contact the Head Coach directly.