Swim Meets

How Swim Meets Work

A dual swim meet, or simply swim meet, is a swimming competition against one other team. Generally, there are eight swim meets in a swimming season. Swim meets tend to last about 3 hours.

  • Swimmers compete against other children in their age group (8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18). Your child moves on to the next age group on his/her birthday.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to participate in as many meets as possible, both home and away. In fact, a swimmer must compete in at least four dual meets to be able to swim at championships. We encourage car pooling for away meets if transportation is an issue. Please contact info@atst.org for possible carpool options. In the beginning of the season, the schedule of meets will be announced. If a swimmer decides not to attend one of the meets, the head coach must be notified no later than one week in advance of the meet.
  • Swimmers will be placed in a variety of events at a meet. If a swimmer has a preference, he or she must inform the coaches several days before the meet. They will try to match you with those events but it is not always guaranteed. The coaches place swimmers in events that they believe are a good and safe match. The coaches spend A LOT of time beforehand doing this. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A CHANGE IN EVENT AT THE TIME OF A MEET. THE COACHES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE THE LAST-MINUTE REQUESTS.
  • Prior to the meet, swimmers will be given an ON-DECK time. Swimmers are required to be on-deck at this time so that coaches can take attendance and get swimmers warmed up properly. If the swimmer has not checked in with the coaches by that time, he or she will be scratched from the meet!
  • Directions to swim meets will be posted on the ATST Web site. In addition, meet reminders will be sent out ahead of time via email with directions and on-deck times.
  • For ALL meets, please check your email shortly before you plan to leave. Not only can weather cause a cancellation but sometimes a meet may be canceled due to poor water quality or a conflict with facility scheduling.

Swim Meet Tips

  • Stay through and participate in all of your events at a meet. It only hurts your team and possibly relay partners if you leave early. Check with the coaches to make sure you are all done for the meet before changing and leaving. If you must leave early due to an emergency, please notify the coach first.
  • Events are listed on the walls around the pool with swimmers? names next to each event. Some parents find it helpful to write their child?s event numbers on their hands. (Please, send them with a marker or pen in that case.)
  • Swimmers should prepare to line up ten events prior to their event. You need to pay attention to the event number we are on and get yourself in line on time. For younger swimmers, buddies (older, more experienced swimmers) will help them do this.
  • Encourage your child to use the rest room in advance of their line-up time. The same goes for eating snacks.
  • During a swim meet, whether home or away, swimmer should NOT leave the pool deck without notifying a coach first. Swimmers also need to know that the locker rooms and hallways are NOT places to hangout. Swimmers should be on deck cheering for their teammates.