USA Swimming

USA Swimming

USA Swimming is the national governing body for competitive swimming in the United States. USA Swimming is responsible for the administration of swimming in the United States and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee. Within the United States, it is divided into 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC's). Amherst Tritons Swim Team (ATST) is a part of the New England LSC. More information can be found at the Websites of New England Swimming (www.neswim.com) and USA Swimming (www.usaswimming.org).

For those who choose to swim at a more competitive level, this organization offers meets around the New England area. By joining the organization, the swimmer is eligible to participate in USA Swimming sponsored meets. These meets typically occur on the weekends, and summer meets are offered from mid-May to mid-August. The schedule is available at www.neswim.org. In the past, ATST has participated in meets as close as Northampton and Springfield, and has also traveled to Eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Albany. Your swimmer may participate in as many (or few) meets as she/he would like. Unlike the recreational meet format, the team is not limited as to the number of swimmers that it may enter in a particular race. As a result, the Head Coach may be able to accommodate your swimmer's preferences regarding entries. In general, swimmers who wish to join pay an additional fee of $175 in the fall/winter season and $125 in the spring/summer season and a per race fee in the range of $5. All ATST recreational swimmers are eligible to register for USA Swimming for competitions against the more talented swimmers in New England and beyond. Sign-up is available upon registration for the season.