Technology Policy

Technology Policy


We have found that electronics, including cell phones and games, during meets and practices, are a distraction and take away from the team energy.  Team members should be cheering on their team, listening to coaches, and interacting with their teammates.   No non-emergency electronics usage is allowed on deck without permission of the coach with the exception of music during downtime at meets, listened through earbuds.  Music is not allowed during practices.  Phones must have the ringer set off. Phones can be used to contact parents for rides before or after practice.  Phones that have cameras (most of today’s cell phones) are not allowed to be used and must be stored in your swim bag while in the locker room.


In this electronic age, every member of the Tritons Team needs to be aware of the far reaching effects of data posted to web sites, email, and other electronic mediums. This includes photos, text messages, blog sites, and messages posted to sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Before posting anything on the internet or texting someone, we want each ATST member to ask themselves the following question:


Would I send this to my parents, coaches, or teachers?


If you cannot answer “yes” you should not send. Your future is too important to be affected by an action that is impulsive and rash.


Any violation of these rules will result in a verbal warning or a disciplinary meeting with the violator, parents, and coach. Consequences will be determined by the Head Coach and can range from a one week suspension from practice to the member being excluded from the next meet and/or travel trip.

ATST will not assume the responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen electronics.