Tech Suit Policy

Tech Suit Policy:


NE Swimming has recently adopted a Tech Suit policy which states that such suits are not allowed for for 10 & Under swimmers at any NE swimming sanctioned or approved meet.  To read their policy and find out which tech suits are restricted click here.  ATST has expanded the policy to include all athletes with the following exceptions:

(1) The coaching staff will pick one mid season rest meet where tech suits will be allowed for 11 & over swimmers during finals only.

(2) One end of the season NE age based championship meet (Regionals, Silvers or Age groups) 11 & over swimmers may wear them for timed finals or prelims/finals.

(3) Any open championship meet; for example, NE Seniors, Speedo Sectionals, USA Swimming Futures Championships.


The ATST coaching staff understands that there are some benefits of using tech suits.  But remember “The suit doesn’t swim fast, the swimmer does!”  We encourage swimmers to focus on the small details to get faster instead of relying on a suit.